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Backed up sewers and flooded basements can wreak havoc on a home, causing thousands of dollars in damage to floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. Sewer lines in particular can back up during heavy rainfall as a result of an aging sewer system, combined storm and sewer lines, cracks and breaks in sewer line, reduced sewer capacity from debris, root intrusion and FOGG (fats, oil, grease and grit).

According to the Insurance Information Institute, over 500,000 claims occur in the U.S. annually, with average claims rising 3 percent every year. Sewer endorsements are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and the marketplace needs a better tool for assessing sewer backup risk.

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Sewer Backup and Basement Flooding

More Robust Flooding Insight

Sewer Backup and Basement Flood Risk Scores from CoreLogic® build upon our existing robust offerings including Flash Flood Risk Score, Flood Risk Score, Combined Sewer Area and proprietary geospatial datasets to identify potential risk for sewer backup and basement flooding. Both scores deliver increased insight to potential risk that can be incorporated into the underwriting process when writing endorsements.

CoreLogic leverages its geospatial datasets such as sewer pipe age, ground depression areas, flood risk score, flash flood risk score, combined sewer, enhanced rainfall, soil infiltration, forest coverage and land use to determine both the Sewer Backup Risk Score and a Basement Flood Risk Score.

Features and Benefits

The Right Solution for Better Coverage

Insurers want to provide the best coverage for their clients, while only writing properties that are good risks for their books of business. Many also don’t realize that they are covering losses that could be more clearly understood with the right natural hazard risk models. Whether using an aggregated or by-peril rating approach, CoreLogic can help you understand storm, fire, land-based and other risks at the most granular level possible.

Utilizes Combined Sewer Areas, Flash Flood Risk Score, Flood Risk Score, Elevation, Rainfall Intensity and Frequency, Ground Depressions, and Estimated Sewer Age data

Incorporates CoreLogic property data to evaluate sewer age and street network data along with slope to identify a locations risk

Get a 1-100 score and risk rating from Very Low to Extreme

Make informed decisions when writing endorsements and coverage limits

Identify potential sewer backup and basement flooding risks

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