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Parcel Boundaries, Geocoding, Tax and Natural
Hazard Data API

Easily integrate specialized spatial data directly into your applications with CoreLogic Spatial Web Services (SWS), an interface that streams geographic and natural hazard risk data to a variety of platforms and programming languages including Java, .Net and PHP using a RESTful API.

Deliver Advanced Solutions to Your Clients

Get robust spatial analytics by integrating SWS data into your company’s existing geographic information system (GIS). The resulting combination of data and analytics enables you to more readily analyze, plan and control your operational, financial and regulatory challenges.

Achieve a Quick Return on Investment

SWS gives you the ability to license only the specialized spatial data you need to deliver tailored solutions that meet your business needs. This allows a company to realize a rapid ROI. A solution focused on the needs of each individual client pays for itself quickly.

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ParcelPoint® Access

Access the Right Level of Data

Parcel-level geocoding is the fundamental building block for the most precise location-based solutions. SWS enables you to access ParcelPoint by CoreLogic, the most comprehensive parcel database in the United States, allowing you to take full advantage of submitting parcel-level requests via latitude and longitude, custom bounding box or polygon.


Next-Generation Geocoding Technology

SWS leverages the power of PxPoint, our parcel-level geocoding engine that serves as the foundation of our Complete, Current and Connected™ data. Based on the largest parcel data set available today, PxPoint uses multiple data sources to convert physical addresses or location into precise geographic coordinates.


  • Identify points inside or near the property.
  • Establish distance to natural hazard areas.
  • Spatially compute features like point, line and polygon.
  • Easily reverse geocode locations by providing a latitude/longitude.

Additional Features

Developers have quick access to connect their applications to SWS. Our RESTful API provides the perfect backend for mobile applications written in either HTML5 or native client technologies like iOS, Windows 8 and Android.

Easily create web maps that include multiple data sources and embed them into your custom application. SWS gives you several of its property and hazard data layers via map tile requests to generate a visual response in geo-registered map images (e.g. PNG) that can be displayed in a browser application like OpenLayers, Bing® or Google Maps™ API. The interface allows for the transparency of returned image layers from multiple servers.

SWS gives developers the tools and resources they need for integrating location information, natural hazard risk data, tax jurisdictions and maps into their solutions. You get intuitive samples on how to make a request. Whether you’re interested in obtaining data only or you want to consume map tiles and hazard layers and integrate with Google and Bing maps, SWS gives you examples of how to obtain this information. You also get sample code for an integration with HTML, .NET, Java and NodeJS.

Security is enforced through encryption and authentication. Only users who provide a valid username and password can access the services. When a user logs in, a unique session ID is provided that validates the user and is the key to providing access to SWS products and services.