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SpatialRecord is your single-source, parcel-level information solution that simplifies land record management for Utility companies. Whether engineering for smart grid technology, planning efficient and sufficient service infrastructure, or uncovering new market opportunities, you need the right information to make critical decisions quickly and accurately. SpatialRecord provides the ability to access location and property characteristic information exactly when you need it.

99.1% parcel coverage of U.S. population

SpatialRecord Is Powered by the Most Comprehensive Parcel Database in the U.S.

  • Information from over 4,700 nationwide data sources
  • Boundary and centroid data from 3,050 counties, which account for 158.1 million parcels across the U.S.
  • Details on more than 99% of properties nationwide
  • Patented technology that quickly analyzes and normalizes data, delivering clean and consistent information

Get All of the Data — All in One Place.

Moving at the speed of your business, you now have the ability to access location and property characteristic information exactly when you need it. It’s time for you to manage your business, not your data. Implement SpatialRecord to get more done.

Understand Instantly. Utilize Seamlessly.

Maximize your business potential with data processed in a format that’s actually understandable – allowing you to move quickly and maintain quality without having to worry about turning raw data into useable information. Compatible through a myriad of applications, SpatialRecord turns even the most complicated tasks into streamlined, fast, efficient processes that enable you to get more done in less time with fewer resources.


Stay Bundled Up. Keep Costs Down.

Three scalable information packages to meet your needs.


Scalable Information Packages

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Current ownership and mailing address information for lease acquisition and tracking.

Card image of a neighborhood.


Property-specific information to ensure routes and wells are placed appropriately.

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Granular property and structure detail to help prevent and mitigate transmission failures and coordinate incident response.

Ordering and Delivery Options

Designed With Your Business in Mind

SpatialRecord solutions speak your language from the start and deliver structured, granular information that leaves nothing lost in translation. Delivered as a shapefile, you can easily load SpatialRecord information into your existing infrastructure.

Our Trained Professionals Are Your Support System

Reach a member from our client support team when you have any questions on anything. Rest assured all questions and issues are addressed promptly by our trained support staff – a collection of the category’s foremost professionals and thought leaders on land record management. Let us help create and customize the perfect plan tailored to your company’s needs.