Request Information Flood Services

For commercial properties, special challenges might arise for flood determination providers, and our Special Properties Determination service takes these into account. We make it possible for you to receive determinations with building-specific information to ensure that you know which buildings on a large tract are within the special flood hazard area.

While the federal regulations may not require a Standard Flood Hazard Determination for a loan on raw land or a large tract under development, you will certainly find it informative to receive flood zone information based upon the currently effective Flood Insurance Rate Map.

For example, in cases in which a subdivision is being created, you can receive a single Special Properties Determination to identify if the tract is inside, outside, or partially inside the special flood hazard area. For developing subdivisions, we can identify which lots are inside or outside of the flood hazard area. This eliminates the need to order determinations for each individual lot within the same subdivision or building phase by providing one determination at one price for all lots. As lots are built upon and purchase loans are made, lenders may receive individual flood determinations on the applicable loans.

Along with an initial determination, we can provide life-of-loan monitoring for Special Properties Determinations, and related/refinance loan determination options are also available.