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Structure Footprint is a robust, single source of building location intelligence. And we’ve just added to it by increasing our coverage from 85+ million to over 169+ million U.S. structure footprints. By ingesting Ecopia.AI’s building footprints, and associating CoreLogic property attributes to each footprint, the resulting Structure Footprint offering is the most comprehensive roof-top location intelligence solution available today.

Unique to CoreLogic®, Structure Footprint not only identifies the location and outline of relevant structures on a parcel, but also assigns additional known addresses associated with the structure and includes universally unique structure identifications. This data set also incorporates proprietary property data such as gross square footage, land use, number of stories and year built.

This added level of location intelligence will enable true rooftop geocoding and benefit any industry that depends on precise risk and location-based decision making – especially when linked to other CoreLogic data sets such as building characteristics, financial information or natural hazard risks.

For additional granularity, the data set can be added to any of our  Location Information products—such as PxPoint™ Geocoder, ParcelPoint®, SpatialRecord, Tax Jurisdiction—or appended to our proprietary data sets such as our natural hazard risk, to enable post hazard damage control.

Structure Footprint Chart

Our Dataset Includes

  • A growing database of over 169+ million structures
  • The outline and location of structures
  • Known sub-addresses associated with structures
  • Unique structure identification numbers
  • Other information such as square footage, building use, year built and number of stories.