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SwiftEstimator® is a powerful online suite of property appraisal applications that delivers real-time cost data for all of your appraisal needs. SwiftEstimator gives you 24/7 access to create fast, reliable valuations for any residential or commercial property. The convenience of this web-based application helps ensure your operations stay productive when you want and where you want it.

Data is the key to the CoreLogic business, and SwiftEstimator is backed by expansive and trusted data resources to support the reliable valuations produced. These data resources contribute to SwiftEstimator’s unrivaled accuracy, enabling you to avoid under- or overvaluing properties. 

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Product Benefits

Commercial, residential, and segregated cost approaches available in one application

Data available 24/7 from any location

All data indexing is current to the month and year

The ability to access historical costing, back to October of 1975

Flexible Valuation Solutions

SwiftEstimator has been designed to be flexible enough to meet any appraisal need, regardless of property type or size, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Commercial Estimator

Performs fast cost adjustments on hundreds of building types in all classes, sizes, shapes and quality levels. Additionally, agricultural occupancy types and components are now included for fast, complete agricultural estimates.

Residential Estimator

Complete appraisals anywhere, anytime, with access to Form 1007 and the Standard, Short and Depreciation reporting features. All calculations are automated, so you’ll never have to question the accuracy of your adjustments.

Segregated Estimator

Based on the Segregated Cost Method found in the Marshall & Swift Valuation Service, considerations are factored into the major components of a building. No longer confined to just the square-foot cost approach; you’ll arrive at a value using the comprehensive data contained in more than 220 occupancies. Regardless of the structure, a variety of components will guide you to the details you need.