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The Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution
for Title Policy Retrieval

We understand that manually searching for missing title policies is labor and resource intensive. That’s why we offer mortgage lenders a systematic retrieval solution to streamline the process and satisfy investor requirements. We find the title policies you need, when you need them, without wasting time and resources tracking them down.

Simply submit the missing policy’s mortgage and title information, and we initiate repeated attempts to contact title companies and agents of record for you.

How It Works

  1. You submit mortgage and title company information. If title company information is unknown, we obtain it from the HUD-1.

  2. We send bulk requests to title companies for greater efficiency and reduced costs.

  3. Our systematic retrieval solution conducts ongoing fax and telephone requests to the closing agent or title company.

  4. Upon receipt of your policy, we ship the document to you or directly to your custodian. In addition, we retain a policy image on our secure website for one year, available in a variety of formats for easy import into your imaging platform.

  5. Replacement policies can be issued as part of the service.

Product Benefits

  • Enables you to meet investor requirements with a cost-effective missing title policy document retrieval option
  • Provides policy originals and/or duplicate copies, as well as online images accessible for up to one year
  • Eliminates the need for costly personnel and IT resources necessary for manual retrievals
  • Allows access to our secure web portal for real-time activity status
  • Leverages an active-agency database for increased efficiency