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When you need to drill down through county data to obtain specific information on township boundaries, CoreLogic® provides the Township Boundary Layer. Containing township-level information for all 50 U.S. states, this data layer consists of contiguous polygonal township or township-equivalent boundaries aligned to CoreLogic Municipal and County Boundary Layers. The Township Boundary Layer is rigorously maintained to reflect current municipal annexations, de-annexations, and census redistricting efforts throughout the nation.

From assessing compliance with tax, environment and overlapping jurisdictions to creating an effective emergency preparedness plan, the Township Boundary Layer is utilized by a wide range of organizations for its comprehensive coverage and high degree of accuracy. CoreLogic updates the Township Boundary Later every quarter to stay accurate.

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At CoreLogic, we offer several ways telecom, utilities, oil and gas, and a host of other industries can access our industry-leading data:

An interface that delivers a set of services and tools that allow you to easily integrate natural hazard risk, tax jurisdiction, parcel, and geocoding data directly into your applications. Using a RESTful API, you can now stream our geographic and natural hazard risk data to a variety of platforms and programming languages including Java, .Net, and PHP.

Shapefiles are available for you to load into your existing infrastructure.

Consulting Services are comprised of leading GIS scientists, insurance professionals, and senior professional software developers. This team collaborates to craft end-to-end solutions that can be easily deployed and sustained in-house or via our Web Services.