CoreLogic® Teletrack® the industry’s largest single source of alternative credit performance data

CoreLogic Teletrack integrates and manages data from an extensive network of risk management solution providers, including Experian℠.

Access four standard types of information — identifying information, credit history, public records and inquiries — to enhance credit screening for thin-file applicants and provide incremental segmentation of applicants with more detailed histories.

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We unite traditional credit and scores data with our own credit performance information to help you:

  • Reduce exposure to high-risk accounts and maximize profitability
  • Increase speed by using less data for better decisions
  • Increase efficiency by quickly handling approvals/declines
  • Increase consistency across the organization
  • Increase approval rates

Four standard types of information are available

Identifying information (SSN, names and aliases, known addresses)

Credit history

Public records


Experian Data & Scores

By combining subprime data with traditional consumer credit data from Experian, you can offer services to consumers based on their own prior credit performance at businesses similar to yours, as well as within the broader credit market.

Accessing Experian Data and Scores via Teletrack Offers Several Key Benefits:

  • Aids in determining eligibility for new product offerings when used in conjunction with our trade-line credit data
  • Helps further minimize risk when offering higher dollar, alternative loans or open-ended lines of credit
  • Enhances credit screening when there is little or no record of the applicant in our database
  • Provides incremental segmentation of applicants with a detailed history in our database
  • Delivers previous addresses along with reported date, which is useful in the application verification or collections process

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