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Industry-Standard Mortgage Diagnostics Move Online

Many servicers know how well an active portfolio is performing against internal metrics or historical reference points, but few know how well the entire portfolio or particular loan types are performing in relation to the market or other lenders.

TrueStandings® Servicing revolutionizes mortgage portfolio risk management by enabling portfolio managers to evaluate portfolios, benchmark against the market and specific lenders, and analyze risk online in less time – and with greater accuracy – than ever before, even with locally installed software. With instant access to LoanPerformance prime and subprime databases, filled with fresh data contributed by the nation’s largest lenders, TrueStandings Servicing provides mortgage professionals the ultimate in online speed and processing power.

Most Trusted Mortgage Data

Most Trusted Mortgage Data

TrueStandings Servicing monitors portfolio performance and benchmarks it to national markets, using the industry’s largest and most trusted mortgage databases:

  • LoanPerformance™ Prime: Loan-level data on more than 70 percent of the nation’s active first mortgages – more than 37 million – including all of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac portfolios.
  • LoanPerformance Subprime: The nation’s largest subprime resource – loan-level data on more than 1 million active subprime mortgages – including cooperative data from more than 17 top subprime lenders.

Powerful Online Tool

TrueStandings Servicing combines the latest advances in processing power, data management and the high-speed internet to help you perform complex financial risk diagnostics quicker and more accurately:

Single App –Multiple Data Types

Work with prime and subprime data simultaneously.

Automatic Data Updating

Get the most current loan performance data.

Anytime-Anywhere Access

Access TrueStandings Servicing 24/7 from any internet-connected computer.

Multidepartment Adaptability

TrueStandings Servicing adapts to different functional uses: servicing, risk management, portfolio management, retention, finance, marketing, etc.

Unprecedented Processing Speed

Working online is significantly faster than using in-house legacy software.

Expanded Diagnostic Capabilities

In addition to breakthrough online performance, TrueStandings Servicing offers a rich user experience and simple diagnostic capabilities:

  • Flexible Metrics: Select only those data metrics you want, individually or in combination.
  • More Accurate Benchmarking: Use Rest of Market (ROM) benchmarking to produce accurate competitor analysis.
  • Expanded Performance Measures: Analyze performance from many views; include prime loan counts/balances and weighted averages: loan portfolio, characteristics, seriously delinquent, foreclosures, etc.
  • Multidimensional Delinquency Analysis: Choose MBA or OTS to measure delinquency using six different parameters, including bankruptcy and REO information.
  • Prepayment Analysis: Identify and analyze monthly portfolio prepayments and prepayment trends.

Product Details

Top Reasons Why Mortgage Professionals Rely on TrueStandings Servicing:

  • Tracks more than $6.8 trillion on over 37 million in active prime first lien prime and subprime mortgage loans, including all of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac portfolios
  • Provides access to historical data on an additional 182 million loans
  • Expansive risk metrics for analysis of prepayments and delinquencies
  • Easy-to-use custom reporting tool that enables users to simultaneously analyze multiple data attributes such as product type, origination year, loan purpose, credit score, conforming versus nonconforming loan types, risk grade and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios
  • Exportable to Microsoft® Excel, Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) and text files for easy creation of presentation-ready reports or data transfer to other analysis software
  • Enterprise-class server system that lets the user scale to any size without slowing down performance

Enhanced Reporting

TrueStandings Servicing includes expanded, easy-to-use reporting that simplifies production of regular reports, while offering nearly unlimited custom report capabilities:

  • More than 70 one-click standard monthly reports
  • Easy-to-use custom report wizard
  • More than 20 available graph types
  • More than 40 available filtering elements
  • Up to 30 loan characteristics displayed simultaneously
  • More than 2,000 measures for more complex analytics
  • Overlaid metrics facilitate analysis of contrasting data
  • Tailor reports by mixing and matching data elements
  • Run reports by region, state, MSA and ZIP code
  • Output reports in Excel, CSV, Word, text, PDF or HTML file formats

Breathtaking Performance

TrueStandings Servicing runs on a high-speed, state-of-the-art Netezza Performance Server®, the new standard of online data processing power:

  • Answers queries 10 to 100 times faster than conventional systems
  • Offers supercomputer-level massively parallel processing architecture
  • Enables turbo-fast turnarounds even using gigantic LoanPerformance databases

See TrueStandings Servicing

Clear Access to Every Step

TrueStandings Servicing offers clear, intuitive access to every step of the risk evaluation and analysis process, with no hidden controls or resources.

Report Benchmarking

TrueStandings Servicing report benchmarking a portfolio's 25-month MBA subprime delinquencies for 90+ days against the market. (Note: Choosing a different delinquency status in drop-down menu will automatically update the graph.)

Prepayment Trend Report

Prepayment Trend Report compares the 60-month prepayment trend of subprime loans at a three-month conditional prepayment rate (CPR) with that of the same loan cohort of the market at large.