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Inland Flood Model from CoreLogic® provides a granular, up-to-date, detailed risk model. Allied with parcel and building level geocoding from CoreLogic PxPoint™ the release of this probabilistic model empowers the industry to appropriately and rationally estimate risk to obtain better business outcomes. The model is part of the Catastrophe Risk Management suite of products from CoreLogic included in the catastrophe modeling platform, RQE® (Risk Quantification & Engineering).

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Damaging floods are very disruptive and come in many different forms. The U.S. Inland Flood Model includes sources of flooding from riverine, stream, off-plain, and flash flooding. It delivers a comprehensive analytic view of the risk, utilizing widespread coverage of hydrologic and hydraulic data that reflects regional flooding and drainage patterns. In addition to a robust treatment of flood hazard (probability of water depth and velocity at a site), it also includes a detailed treatment of structure, contents and time element vulnerability and utilizes the RQE high resolution financial and simulation modeling.

Completing the suite of CoreLogic probabilistic flood models, 10-meter resolution coastal storm surge modeling is available as part of the North Atlantic Hurricane Model. A combined view of both surge and inland flood model results is easily available through reporting in the RQE platform as well as via consulting services.

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