The Future of Underwriting Automation and Intelligence is Here

With the UnderwritingCenter™, we’ve taken another giant step towards Making Property As Easy As Auto®. Rich property, eligibility and hazard content now seamlessly integrates with the industry’s leading underwriting workbench to deliver actionable underwriting results and the automated workflow you need to transform, simplify and modernize underwriting across your entire enterprise.

Experience Measureable ROI With Virtual Surveys

With the UnderwritingCenter's Virtual Surveys, we've shown clients how they can optimize their inspection spend by eliminating 40 percent or more of their physical surveys while still maintaining loss cost avoidance standards. Additional benefits include:

  • High resolution 3 inch imagery that six months old or less
  • Interior and exterior images when available
  • Enables virtual recording of risk observations
  • Platform captures geospatial, ITV, and image data into a single, consistent report
  • Fraction of the cost of physical surveys
  • Can be ordered manually and delivered near real time (+/- 10 minutes)
  • Completely non-intrusive to the insured
  • Single source of robust data 

Why Choose CoreLogic?

Workflow Management

The UnderwritingCenter is a turn-key platform which allows you to derive value from workflow automation, straight-through processing and consistency in underwriting decisioning without a lengthy implementation process.

Analytics and Reporting

As the industry’s premium automated end-to-end underwriting solution, we deliver actionable insights through robust business intelligence and reporting. To optimize underwriting strategy, the platform leverages analytics and machine learning while in-force monitoring alerts underwriters of any changes to property exposure.

Integrated Content

The UnderwritingCenter uses multiple layers of rich property risk content to automate and standardize underwriting rules and survey management. All data is recycled back into decisioning models to enable continuous straight-through results.

Collaboration and Participation

The Underwriting Center allows homeowners and agents to participate and stay connected during the underwriting process. Three portals provide functional access that not only provides a better experience, but eliminates inefficient communication practices as well.

Experience Enterprise Agility

  • Market Leading Solution
  • SAAS Pace of Innovation
  • Advanced Underwriting Selection
  • Rich Integrated Content

  • Survey Management Module
  • Agent and Insured Functional Access
  • Advanced Data Warehousing and Reporting
  • Definitive ROI with minimal IT resource impact