VendorScape Case Management Technology's powerful yet flexible tracking and communication functions allow vendors to process their work efficiently and according to their own established business practices. As a result, on average, referrals that are processed using VendorScape are completed 23 days under established governmental or investor timelines. This translates to real savings in technology, money and resources.

VendorScape Case Management Technology utilizes the latest in data encryption technologies and undergoes an annual external security test to ensure the highest level of security and compliance with all applicable regulations and laws.

Product Details

Automated Referral and Case Routing

  • Automatic delivery of case-specific loan information, vendor instructions and case documents to specified attorney
  • Easy integration with wide range of client systems

Investor Timeline Templates

  • Create and customize case templates by referral type based on investor and state guidelines
  • Measure and manage timeline template exceptions

Real-time Communications and Host System Integration

  • Communications through messaging platform
  • Real-time updates to default host system with integration

Exception-based Processing with Intelligent Work Queues

  • Intelligent queues manage daily workflow
  • Advanced filtering and routing saves time and increases performance

Embedded Document Repository

  • Document repository accommodates all case-related electronic documents
  • Case documentation accepted at any point throughout the process
  • Automated document retrieval from any integrated system

Management Dashboards

Intelligent management dashboards save time and highlight areas of efficiency and concern

Ad-Hoc Reporting Tools

Access data through an intelligent interface to create, save and schedule custom reports

Service Gateway Module Integration

  • Order services directly within Case Management
  • Automate task completion with vendor integration