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COVID-19 Update: Employment Reverification Guideline

The FHFA recently announced new guidance on how to handle employment reverifications during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below you’ll find updated Fannie Mae guidelines designed to give lenders flexibility in VOE reverification and the ways CoreLogic can help:

Flexible Solutions to Meet New GSE Guidelines

New Guidance How CoreLogic Can Help
Employers can use email as a substitute for a verbal VOE For manual VOEs/reverifications, if employers are unavailable to verify via phone, CoreLogic can accept emails as a substitute for a verbal VOE.
Bank statements showing a borrower’s most recent payroll deposit Lenders can take advantage of our Verification of Assets (VOA) solution to allow borrowers to securely link to their bank accounts showing their payroll deposits to help comply with Fannie’s new guidance.
Borrowers can provide their most recent paystub Lenders can also leverage our VOA solution to allow borrowers to securely upload a PDF or photo of their most recent year-to-date pay stub.

Verify Every Borrower

CoreLogic provides a comprehensive Verification of Employment and Income (VOE/VOI) solution that takes the frustration, delays and costs out of the traditional verification process. 

One-Stop Shop for All Your VOE/VOI Needs

CoreLogic can efficiently and reliably conduct all your borrower employment and income verification, so you don’t have to.  Our three-step “waterfall workflow” ensures that every borrower you submit can be verified.

Instant Verifications

Step 1:
Instant Verifications

The power of instant VOE/VOI verification through our direct integration with The Work Number®.

Automated Verifications

Step 2:
Automated Verifications

If your borrower’s employer does not report employment and income data to TWN, we will leverage dozens of additional automated employment and income verification sources – often returning results the same day.

Manual Verifications

Step 3:
Manual Verifications

If you borrower’s employer does not report employment or income data to any third party, our dedicated team of verification experts will immediately initiate our manual process and deliver a fully-documented employment and income verification to you.

Why CoreLogic VOE/VOI?

Day 1 Certainty Certification

Day 1 Certainty® Certification

Get piece of mind with Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty and its freedom from reps and warrants with our instant verification via TWN.

Quick and Easy Ordering Process

Quick and Easy Ordering Process

Save time with an enhanced user experience and ordering process that’s easy to adopt with minimal training.

Real Time Status

Real Time Status

Transparency with real time status on all of your verification requests and easy-to-understand status labels.

Satisfies major underwriting guidelines

Satisfies Major Underwriting Guidelines

Satisfies Agency, GSE, Investor third-party employment and income verification requirements.

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