Understanding Wind Risk

Massive wind damage to properties during tornados and hurricanes is a well-known consequence of a visit from either of these powerful natural hazards.

With our Damaging Wind Risk layers, you can better understand, measure, and manage the wind risk resulting from many natural hazards such as tornados, straight line winds, thunderstorms, hurricanes and special wind areas—in and beyond the obvious tornado risk within Tornado Alley.

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Damaging Wind Risk Layers Allow You to:

  • Pinpoint a specific property location through 10 x 10 kilometer (6.2 x 6.2 mile) grid cells
  • Evaluate individual addresses or your complete portfolio to understand the risk of wind damage to the properties you insure
  • Identify an accurate likelihood of occurrence for the three major types of damaging winds – straight-line, hurricane and tornado – as well as an aggregate score of all three
  • Used in conjunction with other natural hazard layers from CoreLogic®, you can get a complete picture of all natural hazard risk to help you better price and write individual policies

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