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The Industry Standard for Address-Specific Wind Verification

Wind Verification Reports from CoreLogic® provide precise, location-specific historical wind speed information, enabling insurance adjusters to document claim files with severe windstorm data.

Built on Proprietary Science

Our Wind Verification Reports and Wind Speed Maps are powered by a full automated, severe wind verification system from CoreLogic. This system combines proprietary three-dimensional storm models with artificial intelligence, radar data, and real-world observations to analyze what actually happened. CoreLogic is the only provider of wind-speed maps and address-level wind verification data dating back to 2009.

How Wind Verification Technologies Work

Product Overview

  • Address-specific detail
  • Instant claim validation
  • History of wind since Jan. 1, 2009 – most comprehensive report available
  • 1 mph precision
  • Trusted, third-party information
  • Continental U.S. Coverage

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Order Wind Verification Reports online to take advantage of a cost-effective and convenient way to verify wind event dates and speeds. Simply enter an address or latitude/longitude anywhere in the continental United States to immediately search our archive of wind verification data. A complete PDF report of wind event dates and speeds will instantly be:

Displayed on your computer screen

Emailed to your inbox

Archived permanently in your Weather Verification Services account