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Wind is complex. Unlike other perils, you can’t see it. It can vary widely over short distance and slight elevation changes. Our wind verification science was created to verify wind speeds and locations. We combine proprietary storm model inputs to create multiple objective viewpoints of storm paths and intensities. This helps you verify wind speed on an address-specific basis or for the entire area of storm impact, so you can proactively target impact areas and deploy resources with precision.

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Wind Verification Products

Successfully target impact areas after a severe weather event with Wind Speed Maps from CoreLogic. Based on our proprietary wind verification science, we plot severe wind paths for impacted geographic areas and color coded these areas in 5 mph increments from 40 to 160 mph, allowing you to accurately target your marketing efforts and improve overall catastrophe response. Whether you want to buy a single map or a subscription, we have flexible purchasing options to support multiple business needs.

A Wind Verification Report provides the dates and sizes for each windstorm since 2009 at the location of interest and within one, three and 10 miles. Each report is based on our proprietary wind verification science. Quickly and easily verify the maximum wind speed at both the location and the surrounding area to accurately capture the date of loss.

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Estimate and verify severe weather impacts across your entire book of business. Our platforms put a powerful combination of proprietary technologies at your fingertips to ensure you get all the data you need to make critical business decisions. 


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How Wind Verification Technologies Work