Quickly and Objectively Handle Wind Damage Response

Wind is one of nature's most difficult hazards to measure. Unlike hail, which can be visually seen and tends to concentrate in the center of severe storms - wind is invisible and can vary widely over small geographic areas.

When projecting wind related losses, accuracy and timeliness are essential. Using the unique business intelligence of our proprietary wind verification science, users can proactively respond to customer inquiries and deploy the appropriate resources with precision. This positively impacts transparency and customer service, and ultimately - the bottom line.

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Wind Verification Reports Built on Proprietary Science

Wind Verification Reports are powered by a fully-automated, severe wind verification system from CoreLogic.  This system combines proprietary, three-dimensional storm models with artificial intelligence, radar data, and real-world observations to analyze what actually happened.

CoreLogic is the only provider of wind-speed maps and address-level wind verification data dating back to 2009.

View Damaging Winds Across the U.S. With Unparalleled Detail

Tracks and identifies damaging wind speeds and impact footprint across the U.S.

We created our Wind Speed Maps product for discerning contractors, engineers, insurance claims and catastrophe response teams.

Wind Speed Maps show significant wind events anywhere in the continental United States. Based on our proprietary wind verification science, we plot severe wind paths for impacted geographic areas and color code these areas in 5 mph increments from 40 to 160 mph. Wind Speed Maps are available from January 1, 2009, to the current date (updated in real time on an hourly basis) – most comprehensive location-level severe wind verification archive available.

Product Overview:

  • Know where high wind speeds occurred from 40 to 160 mph
  • 5-mph precision
  • 100 percent continental U.S. land coverage
  • 100 percent continental U.S. population coverage
  • Includes Bing Maps® for road maps and satellite view
  • Available for local region, state, multiple states, or entire U.S.
  • Compatible with both PCs and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Droid

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Order Wind Speed Maps online with instant delivery to your Weather Verification Services account for immediate viewing. Shapefiles, .kmz, or other GIS formats are optionally available for overlay and comparison with policy-in-force, claims, sales or other data at an additional charge.

Whether in your office or out in the field, you can view Wind Speed Maps on a PC or an Internet-enabled mobile device such as the iPad, iPhone, or Droid.

The Standard for Address-Specific Wind Verification

Quickly and easily verify the wind speed both at the location and in the surrounding area Based on our proprietary wind verification science, each Wind Verification Report contains the dates and speed of wind for every significant event since 2009 at the location of interest and within 1, 3, and 10 miles.

Product Overview:

Insurance carriers, independent claims adjusters, CAT teams, roofing engineers, and roofing contractors have all come to rely on Weather Verification Services from CoreLogic as the standard for verification.

Contact us for more information about bulk usage, corporate discounts, and direct integration with your claims management system.

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Order Wind Verification Reports online to take advantage of a cost-effective and convenient way to verify wind event dates and speeds. Simply enter an address or latitude/longitude anywhere in the continental United States to immediately search the our archive of wind verification data. A complete PDF report of wind event dates and speeds will instantly be:

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