Get The Whole Story™ About Tax Jurisdiction and Natural Hazard Data

Work smarter and faster with Xiance®, an easy and convenient online platform that delivers accurate tax jurisdiction data and natural hazard risk reports.

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Xiance® Key Benefits

  • Affordable, easy to use, on-line access
  • Parcel-level geocoding returns the right location
  • Nationwide tax layer coverage
  • Visualize multi hazard risk and save PDF reports
  • Single property assessment or batch processing

See Risk at the Most Granular Level Possible

Xiance allows any user to assess tax information with parcel-level accuracy. The platform can help you better understand the distribution of risk within your book of business or prior to making important routing, asset management or investment decisions.

No IT implementation is required, and information is delivered in real time for a single property location or batch file, which you can choose to save in PDF or batch format.

Tax Insights

Streamline Your Tax Workflows

Easily and affordably identify a property’s correct tax jurisdiction assignment for property tax, sales and use tax, payroll and insurance premium. You can also identify special tax districts and boundaries. Tax jurisdiction layers owned and maintained by CoreLogic include:

  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Telecommunication Tax
  • Cable Tax
  • Utility Tax
  • Leasing and Rental Tax
  • Special Tax Districts
  • Property - Regulated Companies Tax
  • Property - General Companies Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Insurance Premium Tax
  • Administrative Location

Hazard Risk Insights

Improve Your Assessment of Multi-Hazard Exposure

At CoreLogic, we’re dedicated to the science of understanding natural hazard risk. Our staff of Ph.D.-level scientists have developed a proprietary methodology to assess the future risk of a wide range of natural hazards, each based on a unique set of factors and historical data.

Our natural hazard risk layers can help you pinpoint a specific property location and deliver natural hazard data and visualization for the following types of risk:

Don’t Settle for ZIP-Based Geocodes

With Xiance, you can assess tax information for the exact property you're looking for. That’s because Xiance leverages the power of PxPoint™, our parcel-level geocoding engine that serves as the foundation of our Complete, Current and Connected™ data. Based on the largest parcel data set available today, PxPoint uses multiple data sources to convert physical addresses or location into precise geographic coordinates.

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Insurance Solutions

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Hazard Risk Management From Point to Portfolio™

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