HOMEE is the leading technology platform for connecting insurers, policyholders, and skilled service providers in the claims process. The HOMEE platform, in combination with our premier network of 18,000+ registered contractors, is utilized by leading firms in the insurance and warranty sectors to dramatically improve cycle times and increase customer Net Promoter Scores.

HOMEE is disrupting the insurance sector with industry-leading technology and a managed repair network built to handle small to mid-size property claims, usually under $10,000, while providing start-to-finish visibility to all stakeholders in the claims process. HOMEE is backed by investment from leading insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual, State Farm Ventures, and The Hartford.

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How It Works

At FNOL, the Policyholder captures photos, videos and notes of damage and submits them to the insurance carrier through the HOMEE platform. In emergency situations, HOMEE can immediately dispatch a Pro for urgent repairs. HOMEE’s diagnostic and inspection workflows allow the Policyholder and the Pro to enter information in real-time and create an estimate, helping the Adjuster assess the cause of loss quickly from either desktop or mobile app. Once the estimate is approved, the HOMEE Pro completes the repairs. Throughout the entire process, the Pro uploads photos, videos and notes to document progress which is visible to the Policyholder and the Adjuster through the HOMEE platform.

Why Should Clients Care (Benefits):

  • Reduce cycle times to process small to mid-size property claims—from an average of two weeks to four days
  • Reduce Adjuster time involvement in claims under $10,000, freeing resources to process higher-dollar claims
  • Maintain end-to-end oversight with real-time access to job site videos and photos for more accurate and rapid decision making
  • Dispatch Pros immediately for emergencies—stop damage more rapidly, reducing claim losses
  • Track compliance in a single HOMEE software solution including FNOL, estimates, payments, proof of completion
  • Eliminate the need for Independent Adjusters and generate expense savings
  • Dramatically increase Net Promoter Scores

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