We’re building the future of 3D property data with a platform that lets anyone create accurate 3D models from a few smartphone photos. Our mission is to create a single source of truth for the physical world and to reinvent the homeowner experience by building the world’s most comprehensive and accurate physical property data set.

How It Works

HOVER is a smartphone app that uses artificial intelligence to convert data from a series of photographs, taken of each corner and face of a structure, to build 3D models complete with measurements.

Why Should Clients Care (Benefits):

  • HOVER can help reduce claim adjusting costs, decrease cycle times, and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Claim professionals can use HOVER to easily inspect damages without the risks that come with climbing ladders.
  • Policyholders can use HOVER to submit their information without having to schedule an on-site inspection.
  • Underwriters can create a proprietary 3D view of every policy; a digital reconstruction that is fully-scaled and interactive.
  • With the HOVER app, carriers get a deep interaction with policyholders that helps build trust and loyalty with their customers.
  • As a underwriting workflow solution, the integration reduces the amount of physical inspections and provides a more holistic property view.