There are few things more personal than a home. And in the lifetime of a home, damage is almost a certainty. When that happens, everyone — the insurer, the adjuster, and the homeowner — wants to make the home whole again. But settlements should not be based on best guess. They should be rooted in facts. We are ITEL — an independent lab who pioneered a better way to analyze, price, and match the materials that make up a home. Because there is a science to fair settlement. And we are the absolute best at what we do. Let ITEL help you with your next claim.

How It Works

ITEL customers can utilize either technology-based solutions through the ITEL NOW app or traditional mail-in mechanisms to submit test requests to our team of lab experts. Using the ITEL Now app allows the user to complete the test in under 5 minutes and receive results in under 30 minutes for all services and instantly ins some cases.

Every submission is processed by an experienced ITEL analyst who has completed more than 3,000 hours of intensive training to become ITEL certified in their area of expertise. The analysts use ITEL’s consistent, scientific processes to provide an independent assessment of pricing, matching, or repair viability.

Users can receive ITEL reports through the CoreLogic platform, including the automatic updating of their estimates.

Why Should Clients Care (Benefits):

ITEL is a science-based company that tests, identifies, prices, and matches a wide variety of materials for property claims. We do not “eyeball” to make a match. We do not guess at replacement costs or the reparability of damaged materials. We test. We analyze. We compare our findings with ITEL’s comprehensive database of materials and sample library. And we can return results in 30 minutes or less. That means insurers can calculate property losses quickly, accurately, and fairly with the independent results available only through ITEL.

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