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Market Data Needs?

We have you covered.  With a custom real estate data report, you can request the specific market research and trends you need for each of your projects.  We generate the statistics according to your specifications and send over a custom report typically within a day or two.

Benefits of Our Custom Real Estate Reports

  • Configurable reports start as low as $250
  • Fast turnaround times (typically in just one to three days)
  • Convenient regularly scheduled updates available at reduced rates
  • Coverage in over 95% of U.S. markets and history going back up to 40 years.
  • Responsive and friendly assistance with your questions

Who Orders Our Custom Real Estate Reports

We are a perfect match for consulting groups, investment firms, economic institutes, building developers, educational research groups, just to name a few.  Appraisers and real estate brokers find our standard reports very helpful and economical. 

Ready to Start Designing Your Report?

Here are the building blocks for most reports:

Metropolitan Statistical Areas Zip Codes Counties
Census Tracts Cities Subdivisions
Tax Rate Areas Top Ranked Areas User-Defined Submarkets
Monthly Quarterly Annual
Last 12 Months Most Recent Time Period User-Defined Time Periods
All Homes Combined SFRs Condos
Vacant Land Resale New Home Sales
Industrial Apartment Buildings Commercial
2 to 4-Unit Homes Townhomes Client Defined

Here is list of the more popular data fields. Customized fields and filters are also available.

Sales Counts Prices Price per Square Foot
Square Footage Lot Size Year Built
Foreclosures Notices of Default Distressed Sales
ARM Percentage LTV Ratios Refi/Equity/Carrybacks
Cash Sales Flipping Rates Absentee Buyer Percentage
Counts by Range Price Appreciation Market Value
Min/Max / Quartiles Averages/ Medians Dollar Volume

Interested in Learning More?

If you are ready to order your custom report, or need help determining what data would best suit your needs, please complete the request information form above. You can also call 909-338-2115 or email us at We’ve provided these reports for over two decades and would be happy to help you through the process.

Free Standard Charts and Reports

A few of our monthly reports are used by so many, that we offer them free of charge.  Historical monthly or annual versions of these reports are also available, and start at just $50. 

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Southern California Home Resale Activity

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California Home Sale Activity By City

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