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CoreLogic has a proven track record for creating powerful, innovative solutions to reduce risk and improve business performance for solar, home security, consumer, home improvement, government agencies and student lending, by leveraging our outstanding industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and one of the largest consumer and business databases.

Credit Reporting Solutions

For more than 60 years, CoreLogic Credco has been a leading provider of credit reporting solutions for multiple industries, allowing you to order credit reports from all three bureaus from a single source, for the lending purposes your business needs.

Industries We Serve

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CoreLogic Credco has integrated our credit reporting solutions into a number of Loan Origination Systems (LOS). Several of the more popular are listed below:

  • LendSys
  • Jack Henry/ARGO
  • Vision Commerce
  • LeasePath
  • FatCat Broker Systems
  • Northteq, Inc. (FKA Tarmac)

If you have the ability to create your own API you can also build an interface directly to our systems.