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CoreLogic® Background Data primarily provides wholesale background data to the background screening industry. Those background screening companies prepare consumer reports for their customers who may use them for employment screening and/or other purposes as permitted under federal, state and local laws.

Background Data may maintain public record data (for example, criminal records) that may be associated with you. If you submit a request to us, Background Data will provide you with a detailed list of the data we maintain that we believe is associated with you.

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To submit a request for this information, use this website to locate the appropriate forms you need to obtain a free copy.

If you believe that the information Background Data has associated with you is not accurate or is incomplete, this website provides you with the forms and instructions necessary to request that we reinvestigate and/or correct any inaccuracies.

If you believe that you have experienced identity theft or fraud, information on identity theft may be found on the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse Web site.

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