Knowledge and experience to complex challenges in the RE industry

The CoreLogic Professional Services group brings in-depth real estate knowledge and experience to the complex challenges facing the real estate industry. Our diverse experience and broad exposure means that we can deliver valuable perspectives for your business. CoreLogic offers strategic real estate consulting services that bridge the gaps between strategy, tactics, and the activities needed to achieve your goals.  From strategic business planning to MLS regionalization to security, compliance, and risk audits, CoreLogic provides structured real estate consulting to help your organization make good business decisions with stakeholder involvement.

Our professional services are tailored to your needs, providing you with highly useful and cost-efficient consulting. The following is a sample of some of the services we offer:

Strategic and Business Planning

Strategic and Business Planning

Strategic, governance, and product/service business planning that bridges the gaps between strategy, tactics, and the timely activities needed to support your goals.

MLS Regionalization and Data Shares

MLS Regionalization and Data Shares

Let us bring the skills and experience necessary to directly address obstacles to the regionalization or data share processes.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Gregg Larson and Matt Cohen can speak on one or more critical issues facing the real estate industry -MLS trends, business technologies, syndication, information security and real estate technology trends.

Security Audits

Security Audits

CoreLogic can assess security posture as well as helping organizations put an ongoing organizational security program in place, including both technical and non-technical best practices.

Compliance Audits for MLS

Compliance Audits for MLS

Providing risk management, staffing and salary reviews, and VOW / IDX compliance audits, CoreLogic brings both an independent view and finely-honed technical skills.

Product / Service / Software Review

Product / Service / Software Review

There are many services CoreLogic can perform to help organizations assess the competitiveness of their product, service, or software.

Strategic Planning for MLSs and Associations

CoreLogic provides strategic planning meetings ranging from a three-quarter-day planning session to a two-day planning session, and can tailor the agenda for your organization’s needs, ensuring that your key issues are discussed. Depending on how you want to structure the meeting and its length, it can have a structured agenda including presentations and exercises moving the group from mission and strategy through tactics and action plans – or it can be more of a facilitated think-tank.

Strategic Planning for Technology Businesses

CoreLogic can provide a range of planning exercises as described above, covering all aspects of business planning, from product evaluation and planning to sales and marketing strategies – all the way through exit strategy. We bring a deep business and technical acumen to these engagements, as well as its extensive industry knowledge and relationships.

Usually, in this type of business planning, prior to the planning meeting, CoreLogic evaluates products, surveys customers, holds discussions, or gathers other information.

MLS Consolidation and Data Shares

MLS regionalization has been an industry trend for over twenty years. However, regionalization can be difficult both technically and politically. CoreLogic brings the skills and experience to the situation to plan for the challenges ahead so that you can avoid or directly address obstacles to the regionalization or data share processes. In regionalization efforts, we provide:

  • Initial planning meeting facilitation
  • Facilitation of ownership and governance decisions
  • Business plan creation
  • Transition planning
  • Member communications

Public Speaking

CoreLogic addresses leadership or large membership groups on timely topics in an informative and fun way. Many times, these speeches both help inform leaders’ understanding of important subjects and support new decisions and initiatives. Gregg Larson and Matt Cohen each speak on one or more critical issues facing the real estate industry; MLS trends including MLS consolidation; business technologies; syndication; information security; and real estate technology trends such as blockchain, apps, and mobile technologies. We can present in-person or via webinar.

Information Security Audit

Every year CoreLogic gets calls when industry organizations have been hacked. A hacking incident can damage reputations, impede an organization’s ability to conduct business, and cause financial harm. Such incidents could often have been prevented had the business managers taken reasonable steps to protect the organization.

CoreLogic provides security audits for many top MLSs, Associations, brokerages, and technology companies. The audit covers information security policies and procedures, human resources practices, physical security, networking, device configurations, OS and platform configurations/updates, software security, and more. The audit includes use of automated testing tools, manual testing, and proprietary CoreLogic checklists. CoreLogic will educate staff on use of each security tool and checklist, in as much depth as makes sense for your staff; using these tools, checklists, and methods will help your organization maintain security over time. If needed, CoreLogic will also evaluate SaaS contracts; CoreLogic will non-intrusively test and provide guidelines for evaluating the security posture of any third-party software services that may be in use.

IDX/Vow Compliance Review

MLSs must establish consistent auditing criteria and processes to avoid speculation or lawsuits regarding discrimination against broker and technology providers. CoreLogic’s IDX and VOW Compliance Review services help ensure that these highly technical audits are thorough and that standardized criteria are consistently applied. CoreLogic can provide complete auditing services, work with MLS staff to collaborate on audits, or work with the MLS to establish an auditing process using internal staff alone.

Even if the MLS staff currently performs IDX and VOW compliance reviews, when a violation is suspected or confirmed, it can be valuable to have a third party like CoreLogic confirm the violation and provide an independent compliance report to avoid friction between the MLS and members or technology providers.

Risk Management Audit and Business Resumption Planning

CoreLogic helps organizations evaluate risk in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Physical Security
  • Personnel
  • Computer Usage
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Access/Data/File Controls
  • Communications/Network
  • Development
  • IT Operations
  • Telephone / Voice Mail
  • Contingency Planning

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