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Helping Consumers Understand Credit

When consumers have questions about their credit, they turn to CoreLogic® Credco®. We have a team of credit professionals dedicated to helping consumers take control of their credit and improve their overall credit health. We also offer online resources with the information consumers need, 24/7.

When you order credit information from CoreLogic Credco, your clients get free access to our convenient, toll-free Consumer Disputes Resolution services. Our FCRA-certified specialists will work hand-in-hand with your clients to resolve any discrepancies with the national credit bureaus.


"One-call" Dispute Resolution

We investigate tradelines by working directly with the credit bureaus.

Consumer Interaction


We actively communicate the results of our investigative process to the consumer.

Bureau Communication


Our Consumer Disputes team works with the bureaus on the consumer’s behalf to update incorrect data.

FCRA Compliance


CoreLogic Credco strictly adheres to the guidelines set by the FCRA regarding timeframes, forms and procedures.