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Manage your portfolio risk

Our Solutions

Grow Membership

Locate new members and find new growth opportunities with current members.

Whether you want to find members or grow your business with existing members, leverage our direct marketing data solutions. CoreLogic can provide you with credit union marketing solutions that will help you identify and prospect for members. CoreLogic has the right credit union marketing solutions to grow your membership.

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Improve Origination Workflow

Originate more loans with better quality more efficiently.

Every single day, our mortgage origination products, solutions and people work to help lenders of all sizes originate more loans. Our solutions help you work more efficiently at every stage of the loan lifecycle.

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Default and Loss Mitigation Tools

Mitigate risk and decrease losses to your credit union.

Know what’s hiding in every asset in your mortgage portfolio, from the risks to the opportunities. Discover the right solutions your credit union needs to protect against future risk of delinquencies, defaults and foreclosures. CoreLogic can help you mitigate default risk and embrace opportunities.

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Portfolio Analysis

Analyze your portfolio risk with laser like precision.

Understanding your portfolio is about to get a whole lot easier when you choose our solutions. Discover with nimble ease detailed portfolio information that includes: first position holder names, loan types, owner-occupancy status, borrower real estate holdings, likelihood of early payment default and foreclosure and more. Our portfolio analysis tools provide you with the portfolio intelligence your credit union needs.

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Flood Risk

Quickly determine if properties are a flood risk.

CoreLogic delivers fast and accurate flood determinations, remains accurate and in compliance with federal regulations and helps lenders determine which properties are at the highest risk for uninsured natural hazards. Are your member’s properties at risk? We help you find out.

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Fraud Detection

Find exactly where fraud is impacting your credit union.

It’s not about knowing if fraud is there. It’s about knowing where it’s hiding - and having the robust tools to neutralize it before it can threaten your business. From mortgage fraud consultants to complete fraud solutions, CoreLogic can help you implement a fraud mitigation program that helps your credit union bring fraud to its knees, while not impacting your legitimate members.

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Valuation Services

Quickly and accurately value properties.

Want to know in moments if an appraisal presents a risk of over- or under-valuation? How about ensuring that it is complete and complies with UAD, USPAP and other regulations? You’ll know for sure with the valuation solutions from CoreLogic, including AVMs and LoanSafe Appraisal Manager™.

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