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CredStar is a CoreLogic Credco ordering platform designed to provide innovative credit information solutions that meet or exceed your ever-changing business demands. One of the most flexible, customized, web-based platforms in the industry, CredStar is just one more way Credco provides you with multiple options to suit your specific business needs.


Your Fiserv® Connection to Credit Reporting

Integrated on Fiserv, CredAccess from CredStar provides convenient single-source access to the credit information you need, when you need it – in seconds. Seamless integration means you can conveniently order individual member reports from a single source, and receive credit information in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Fast, Reliable Access

  • Fast response times let you make timely lending decisions
  • Backed by proven system availability
  • No membership fees – pay only for the credit information you need
  • Comprehensive credit reporting solution at competitive rates
  • Integrated on Fiserv

Advanced Platform. Exceptional Service.

With CredAccess, you get access to one of the most advanced and scalable platforms for accessing credit data in the industry. Plus, you get the comprehensive credit reporting data you need in the formats you're accustomed to, backed by CredStar's exceptional speed and service.

Convenient, Single-Source Access to All Three Credit Bureaus

When it comes to making sound lending decisions, having fast reliable access to credit information on your borrowers is key. CredStar, our Web-based portal for credit reporting information, provides convenient, single-source access to all three national credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

Access Consumer Credit Data – FAST

  • Get the credit information you need, when you need it, in seconds
  • Make timely lending decisions with fast response times
  • Connects with major LOS and automated underwriting systems
  • Customizable reports for easy interpretation

Customizable Solution

We proudly offer one of the most flexible, customized Web-based lending platforms in the industry, allowing us to rapidly develop unique product solutions to meet your growing needs.

Expedited Bureau-Level Updates

Errors in a consumers credit report – or changing information at the bureau level – can prolong the closing of a loan. Rapid Resolve, a credit rescoring technology from CredStar, provides fast updating of national repository records so you can quickly respond with the right loan products for your clients.

Fast Updating

  • Approve more loans by addressing inaccurate, incomplete or outdated credit reports
  • Consumer file updates at the bureau level within 3 to 5 days
  • Get fast updating of repository records

Score Factors & Updates

CredStar's tri-merged credit report includes four score factor codes – provided in order of importance that can be used to evaluate possible rescoring opportunities. The information can be used when ordering a Rapid Resolve to get the best results for your clients

Protect Your Company, Your Data, and Your Clients

CredStar's fraud and compliance tools can help safeguard your business by detecting – and deterring – the risk of identity theft and fraud. Our fraud detection tools let you quickly verify the accuracy of your applicants information, including name, address, Social Security Number, phone number(s), date of birth and more.

Accurate, Reliable Search Results

  • Reduces risk by identifying potential fraud before it occurs
  • Database search of more than 200 million consumers and 25 million businesses
  • Access an exclusive Fraud Victim Alert Database
  • Conveniently integrated in your applicants credit report

Take the Guesswork out of Credit Assessment

CredStar provides customized fraud management solutions to suit your business needs:

  • Total ID –A detailed report based on public records of proprietary databases.
  • Fraud Shield – Cross-checks basic consumer data, such as SSNs and addresses.
  • Safescan – Delivers up to 15 different applicant alert messages.
  • High Risk Fraud – Delivers up to 50 applicant alert messages.
  • OFAC Database Check – Checks against the Treasury Departments list of Specially Designated Nationals and other notification lists.

Automated Property Valuations You Can Trust

CASA®, CredStar's automated valuation solution, helps drive origination costs down while maintaining acceptable levels of risk. CASA decreases the time and expense associated with property valuation, helping you meet increasing demands from borrowers for quicker turnaround times, better service and more competitive rates.

National Coverage for Residential Properties

  • Get reliable home values fast so you can make quicker loan decisions
  • Delivers a significantly high usable hit rate
  • Drives large batch orders to support your portfolio valuation processes

Speed and Accuracy

CASA leverages a reliable and expansive property records database along with multiple, market-specific analytical approaches to estimate current market values. It uses similar inputs that an appraiser uses such as comparable sales, home characteristics and time adjustments to deliver an objective and reliable home value fast.


CredAccess Datasheet

Your Fisery Connection to Credit Reporting


PreQual Credit Report Datasheet

Fast, Convenient Single-Source Access to All Three Credit Bureaus


Rapid Resolve Datasheet

Fast, Convenient Single-Source Access to All Three Credit Bureaus


Fraud & Compliance Tools Datasheet

Protect Your Company, Your Data and Your Clients


Automated Valuation Datasheet

Fast, Convenient Single-Source Access to All Three Credit Bureaus