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You've built  your business on quality products and outstanding service -  creating strong client relationships based on credibility and trust. With this understanding, CoreLogic has designed the Reseller Program to help reinforce your position in your target market. 

We can combine your superior channel and client knowledge with our expertise in real estate information to create solutions that further differentiate you from the competition:

  • Explore information on Residential, Commercial and Other Properties
  • Create Leading Edge Marketing Solutions
  • Gain Access to High Quality and Unparalleled Property Data Assets
  • Locate Private Party Lenders
  • Discover Absentee Owners and Owners of Apartments
  • Eliminate Corporate-Owned Properties

Integrate the latest real estate information into your next solution to enhance your offer.

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Benefit From Our Reseller Program

Put Deep Data to Work for You

Information is at the core of smart decision making. It drives strategy, solutions, revenue and ultimately, business success. You and your clients can benefit from unique property-level insights to identify and manage growth opportunities and improve business performance.

Superior Coverage

Benefit from coverage on over 147 million residential and commercial properties, which comprises 99% of all properties, impacting 99.9% of the total population.

Standardized Data

Our data is standardized and linked together within a comprehensive database, letting you access broad and integrated data assets across tax, deed and other data types.

Currency of Updates

Our streamlined process of collecting and loading data and delivering it in a timely fashion allows us to maintain freshness in our nationwide updates.

Data Quality

Our data is accurate and error-free from years of research and development, extensive data-scrubbing, refinement and analysis using a proprietary quality control process.

Depth of Data

We maintain the most comprehensive and current property, mortgage and financial databases in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand - with more than 4.5 billion property and financial records.

Partnering on Innovation

We offer our exclusive CoreLogic Data Expo to introduce our data resources in an interactive environment and bring our knowledge and expertise to our clients.

File Delivery Your Way

We are committed to making file delivery easy, reliable, accurate and hassle-free for you and offer a variety of flexible licensed data delivery options designed to get you the information you need tin the exact format required. 

Data Formats

Access bulk tax, deed, foreclosure, involuntary lien, HOA Building Permits and MLS data: 

  • Customize record layout from hundreds of fields
  • Select desired geographic coverage within the U.S. by state, region, zip code or county
  • Choose update frequency: daily, weekly, monthly or annually
  • Access the nation’s largest repository of real estate data and document images
  • Receive comprehensive support from our data and technical consultants

CoreLogic delivers XML-based web services connection designed to provide property data in an industry-standard format. Access property detail reportssales comparablesAVMs and more in the format that you require. 

  • Access standardized and programmable features, formats and search capabilities of our Web products
  • Customize the feed to meet your unique requirements
  • Fast and easy integration with your applications

Investors need an accurate assessment of the returns they can achieve on their rental properties. Unfortunately, they often lack accurate market intelligence on rental amounts and are forced to rely on expensive Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) or other less accurate sources to feed their ROI estimates. 

The Rent Amount Model from CoreLogic® provides the data needed by individual investors, mortgage-backed security investors and lenders to make more informed investment decisions including:

  • estimate of monthly rent that can be charged for a particular residential property
  • forecast standard deviation on that estimate
  • estimate of the capitalization rate for specific properties

Redistribute CoreLogic Data to Third Parties

Whether you are a direct marketer, solutions provider, data aggregator or any other value-added reseller, our best-in-class data and flexible reseller terms can propel your solutions to new heights. Integrate the latest real estate information into your next solution and gain the competitive edge!


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