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Credit Unions

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Broaden Relationships with Your Members

The number of credit union members in the US continues to rise. But engaging new members, often acquired through indirect lending programs, can be challenging. CoreLogic makes it easier to identify and engage members that might be in the market for real estate loan products.

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Understand Local Mortgage Markets

Gain insight into your market position with Marketrac. Get insight on market share, activity of other lenders, builder activity, and other key performance indicators. Choose from a variety of report options for tracking geographic area volume. Insights gained from Marketrac enable you to improve campaign results by arming you with a deeper understanding of the market landscape.

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Identify Members for Real Estate Loan Offers

Leverage property information to identify members who are more likely to be interested in real estate loan products. A combination of comprehensive property information and proprietary analytic models help pinpoint members who are likely to be interested in refinancing or taking out a home equity loan.

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Refine Campaigns

Post campaign analytics that identifies responders, non-responders, those that look loans from competitors, and other metrics enables you to refine offer terms and target markets for improved results in subsequent campaigns.

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Retain Relationships

An understanding of behaviors of members that pay off loans gives your credit union insight that allows you to make strategic adjustments to retain more business. Know if payoffs are resulting from members moving, refinancing activity, or borrowers simply reducing debt.

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Sample Products

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provides lenders with an interactive, robust means to measure competitive market share and volumes by geographic area, transaction and loan type.

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Match and Append

provides instant access to information from the nation's largest property and ownership database.

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Propensity Models

provide predictive insight on the likelihood of a consumer to take out a home purchase loan, refinance, or get a home equity loan.

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Lost Lead Analysis

provides post-campaign analysis that provides insight on response to your offer and activity of non-responders.

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Payoff Analysis

provides visibility to borrowers defecting to competition and lending programs that present risk to your portfolio.

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provides ability to create targeted lists using extensive property information combined with geographic and demographic selects.