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Gain Insight With Homeowner and Property Intelligence

Leverage homeowner and property data from CoreLogic, the real estate industry data leader for over 50 years, to support your direct marketing needs. Access our database for homeowner and property intelligence on 99.9 percent of U.S. properties and access to over 4.5 billion property and financial records to:

  • Discover highly targeted and qualified prospects.
  • Analyze your market.
  • Enhance your data with our data.
  • Maximize ROI with targeted segments designed to enable precise targeting.
  • Leverage data-driven client centric insights that are easy to consume.
  • Minimize cost and time to onboard data with standardized data from CoreLogic.
  • Reach clients at the right time with the right message using event monitoring.

Target marketing efforts towards higher-value prospects via strategic data mining, advanced analytics and improved market planning.

Data to Propel Your Marketing Efforts

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New Homeowners

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High-Value Buyers

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Homeowners With Equity

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Homeowners - 500K Homes

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Solar Prospects

Why CoreLogic?

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Industry Solutions

Identify and target the right homeowners for your financial services using complete and current property and homeowner data to discover prospects with above-average spending power.

Some data segments include:

  • Likely to Apply for a Purchase Loan
  • Recent Home Buyer
  • Likely Mover
  • Likely HELOC Candidate
  • Recently Received A HELOC
  • Short Sale Buyers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Recently Received A Room Addition or Kitchen Remodel Permit
  • High Income Renters
  • Home Equity > $500K
  • Recently Completed A Cash-Out Refinance
  • Own 2+ Properties
  • Recently Paid Off All Mortgages
  • CLTV <50%
  • Cash Buyers

Intelligence on property and mortgage history enables highly targeted messaging to your best prospects.

Precisely Target Audiences to Gain New Prospects and Propel Your Marketing Campaigns

CoreLogic possesses the data, analytics and breadth of coverage to create more targeted segments using detailed U.S. property, homeowner, lien and building permit data. This intelligence allows for better targeting to help marketers improve digital marketing ROI.

With access to the complete purchase and lending history of a property, you gain a 360-degree view to understand which homeowners are likely in the market for your services:

  • Recently Moved to a New Home
  • High Net Worth
  • Solar Energy Installation Prospects
  • Likely Home Buyers in the Next Six Months
  • Likely HELOC Borrowers in the Next 6 Months
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Building Permits

Integrate the latest real estate information into your next solution to enhance your offer.

Don’t Rely on Others for Information. Get It Yourself.

In the past, telecommunication and utility companies had to depend on their title company partners to send them deeds. With RealQuest® from CoreLogic®, you can prove ownership when securing easements direct from the source. You can also validate owner and occupant contact information to expedite compliance or violation/notice mailings, closure service, and public hearing notifications.

Our database, which is updated daily, covers 149 million properties and growing in more than 3,100 counties covering 99.9% of the U.S. property records.

Direct Marketing Data Services

Gain predictive insight on the likelihood of a prospect to purchase a new home or take out an equity loan in the next six months. This insight can help you identify your best clients and prospects so that you can created timely and targeted messaging to increase responses to your offer.

Create a highly targeted list of prospects by searching on hundreds of property, mortgage and demographic attributes:

  • Mortgage Transaction Data
  • Property Characteristics
  • Buying Behavior
  • Property Values
  • Amount of Equity
  • Building Permits
  • and more...

Or save time by selecting pre-structured list templates to build your list faster. Data access is catered to your specific needs. Online access is available via ListSource™. You can also upload a data file into your own systems for maximum flexibility.

Make Your In-House Data Even More Valuable

Whether you are looking to complete your files or append information and analytics, CoreLogic delivers the data you need to go deeper with your in-house data, improving your direct marketing and market analysis efforts.

CoreLogic can match your content to our extensive data assets and append actionable intelligence, including:

  • Assessor data.
  • Property characteristics.
  • Deed and mortgage history.
  • Building permits.
  • Homeowner demographic data.
  • Available equity.
  • Preforeclosure/foreclosure data.
  • Property valuations.

Benefit from flexible solutions that are tailored to your marketing needs and provide the precise information needed to efficiently and effectively reach your desired audience.

Data Licensing Solutions for Resellers

You've built your business on quality products and outstanding service - creating strong client relationships based on credibility and trust. With this understanding, CoreLogic has designed the Reseller Program to help reinforce your position in your target market.

By working together, we can combine your superior client and channel knowledge with our expertise in real estate information to create solutions that further differentiate you from the competition:

  • Explore information on residential, commercial and other properties.
  • Create leading-edge marketing solutions.
  • Gain access to high-quality and unparalleled property data assets.
  • Locate private party lenders.
  • Discover absentee owners and owners of apartments.
  • Eliminate corporate-owned properties.
  • Integrate the latest real estate information into your next solution to enhance your offer.

Benefit From the Reseller Program

Benefit From the Reseller Program Infographic.

Digital Marketing

Connect Offline Data to Online Data and Gain Intelligence to Better Target Your Prospects.

Whether you are a digital marketer, agency or other advertiser, the predictive power of CoreLogic data is available for your digital marketing efforts. Through our relationships with several leading digital marketing organizations, CoreLogic data can be used to power your social media, web and email campaigns.

CoreLogic information can help marketers in a wide variety of industries better target their campaigns to the most responsive consumers. Choose from over 100 audiences, including:

  • New Homeowners
  • Pre-Movers
  • Wealth Builders
  • New Construction
  • Propensity to Purchase
  • Propensity to Refinance
  • Equity Affluent
  • Pool Owners
  • Length of Residence

Connect to Your Consumers

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