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For an expanded understanding of the real estate property market, leverage the nationwide data, focused analytics and insights at CoreLogic®. With 3.3 billion records and 880 million transactions across mortgage, property and consumer data, CoreLogic is equipped to deliver superior intelligence unlike any other data provider. We help cut through the confusion and facilitate transparency throughout the review and assessment process.

Products and Services

Bulk Data

including property data, mortgage-backed securities data, multiple listing service (MLS) data, parcel boundaries, flood maps, and more

Analytical Models 

that offer insights into the real estate market like CoreLogic HPI™, CoreLogic HPI Forecasts™, valuation cascades, and vacancy projections

Property Reports

including legal and vesting documents, home price index-based pricing trends, ListingTrends, ValueTrends, RentalTrends, MarketTrends

Technology Applications 

including appraisal management, MLS platforms, mortgage fraud and risk detection

Real estate services

including tax services, flood zone determinations, property inspections, and preservation services

Benchmarking Capabilities

embedded in your organization to develop performance baselines and define best practices

Staff Augmentation

that provides skilled resources as needed, avoiding the time and expense of recruiting in-house staff

Advisory and Professional Services

performed by beltway insiders and subject matter experts who answer to you

Program Management Expertise 

in planning, executing, and overseeing delivery of complex government projects

Our GSA Contract Number is GS-23F-0032U (Financial and Business Solutions). We maintain a firm commitment to small business contracting.