Products and Services

Checking data is designed to provide feedback regarding the validity of the data submitted, and the existence of multiple accounts for the same consumer or multiple consumers using the same account.

Obtain indicators of fraud related to non-traditional lending by validating Social Security information, access credit variables and reviewing fraud variables developed for sub-prime lenders.

Access our Credit Report and Scores, which contain unique credit performance information gathered from businesses that do not typically report prior payment activity to traditional credit reference agencies.

CoreLogic Teletrack™ creates a seamless and efficient vehicle for processing loan applications using a more vigorous risk evaluation. Screen high-risk borrowers with limited credit histories using public record and other proprietary data.

Broad credit performance data and other risk assessment tools are critical for evaluating business risk in a competitive climate. That is why, in addition to our proprietary, non-traditional credit performance data and other risk management solutions, CoreLogic Teletrack offers integrated access to additional credit performance data and scoring solutions from the broader credit market.