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International Capabilities

No matter what country you're in, CoreLogic can help reduce the guesswork in your property decisions. Our range of solutions provide meaningful insights into your data so you can take informed action and reduce risk, whether you're a professional or an individual owner/investor.

We offer some of the world's most advanced analytics platforms and 50 years' experience in major property markets, all underpinned by regulatory compliance and full transparency. 

We Can Assist You With:

  • Securitized Collateral Risk
  • Residential and Commercial Valuation Panel Management
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Centralized National Property Information
  • Property Research, Insights and Thought Leadership
  • Real Estate Listings Portals
  • Property Portfolio Valuations
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM) Solutions
  • Digital & Consumer Marketing Using Property and Property Transaction Data

Our Services

Valuation Management System

Now you can manage valuations yourself, quickly, accurately and with minimal risk. Our valuation system is not only easy to use, it has 21 automated checks every valuation must pass before being completed - including peer reviews by compliance departments for valuations that don't pass critical system checks.

You can choose from a complete range of valuation assessment types, track progress with automated email status updates, run your own reports, or take advantage of our monthly reporting.

Matrix™ Multiple-Listing Platform

Matrix is one of the fastest-growing multiple-listing platforms in the U.S. Your agents gain powerful ways to service clients as well as versatile administration functions. Run searches, send emails, view maps, generate statistics, prepare reports, create customized listing presentations and much more, all in a few clicks. The breadth of functionality is matched by speed of operation for even the most complex query.

With multilingual support, it's ideal for regions with diverse populations. And as a pure HTML platform, the system can be accessed from virtually any web-browsing device, from Apple® Mac® and PCs to tablets and phones.

Real Estate Services

The global real estate industry is facing growing demand from consumers who want the best data and full transparency to make sound investments. CoreLogic can help governments and individual players acquire and cleanse data at all levels. We can then link, store, model and analyze different data sets and deliver it in a way that is relevant to specific requirements.

Multilingual Reports

Use our real estate reports to help your clients make confident real estate investments in Australia, U.S., U.K. and N.Z. markets.

  • Compare and benchmark suburb, sales data and price points to promote faster purchase decisions.
  • Stay informed of property market conditions, performance and trends to build client trust.
  • Provide expert advice using the most up-to-date data source, and personalize your service with tailored reports to attract new clients and grow your business.

Reports can be translated to suit your requirements.

View sample report: Chinese | English

Chinese Language Reports

Use our real estate reports to help your clients make confident real estate investments in Australia (soon to be expanded to include U.S., U.K. and N.Z. markets).

  • Compare and benchmark suburb, sales data and price points to promote faster purchase decisions.
  • Stay informed of property market conditions in multiple countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States.
  • Get up to date on market performance and trends to build client trust.
  • Provide expert advice using the most up-to-date data source
  • Personalize your service with tailored reports to attract new clients and grow your business.

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Infill Reports

If you're a developer, builder or investor in units and townhouses, Residential Development Infill Reports provide a cost-effective way to understand redevelopment opportunities. Focusing on the established or resale market at the postcode and suburb level, the reports provide actionable insight for a range of considerations. They can improve financial decisions and feasibility assumptions during acquisition phase, ensure your pricing is aligned with demand, and assist product design (sizes, attributes) so they satisfy the market.

View sample report: Chinese | English

Greenfield Reports

These reports provide in-depth information to empower the decisions of developers and builders of new stand-alone houses. Take advantage of our analysis of the land and housing market, from overview to granular data. View the health of the surrounding market to help you understand local supply and demand, as well as the price expectations of buyers and preferences for different housing types. Greenfield Reports can improve your financial performance by providing data to build homes that are in high demand at the right price to support faster sales with better returns.

View sample report: Chinese | English

Mortgage & Financial Services

We have a range of proven systems and tools to support the mortgage industry. No matter how complex or unique the requirements in your country, we draw on experience in some of the world's largest economies to cater to them. Our range of solutions helps to manage collateral risk and comply with inter-country or global regulations.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) Solutions

CoreLogic, a leading AVM provider, has been building property valuation and collateral risk management tools for more than 20 years and remains at the market forefront by continually refining our solutions.

With CoreLogic, you leverage a global team of more than 50 Ph.D.s, economists, modelers and residential appraisers who create AVMs that consistently outperform the competition in independent national testing. Our international team can consult with data owners on AVM opportunities in new markets, helping you partner with the worlds' most respected team of property data modelers.

Valuation Management System

We can help to streamline the whole mortgage valuation process to save you time and money. With rigorous quality assurance measures in place to manage valuers, you can be confident of information that is independent, accurate and transparent. You'll be able to reduce the risk of mortgage valuations, while full visibility of client history lets you speed up mortgage approvals and enhance client satisfaction.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager™

Gain a comprehensive view to mitigate mortgage fraud more easily. You can accurately identify risk with our patented fraud model that analyzes trends based on mortgage application data. View risk scores to determine the risk associated with loan files. Get fraud alerts that highlight inconsistencies within an application and provide a roadmap for further investigation.

The easy-to-use system is underpinned by a mortgage fraud consortium of over 100 million loan applications. It uses known fraud outcomes, pattern recognition models and the most complete property data collection available today.

Collateral Management Solutions

The more you know about the property, the easier it is to offer the right loan product at the right time. Better information also lowers your risk of fraud as well as compliance issues, post-close problems and buybacks.

We can help you see the whole picture, from a high level overview to a drill down to the details. You can make the best possible decision about every potential borrower by using tools such as:

  • Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
  • Housing Market Indices
  • Rental Valuation Models
  • Valuation Compliance Reports
  • And more!

Insurance Services

The growing number of catastrophic events means that governments and the insurance industry need a better understanding of the market. Now they can take advantage of detailed data and powerful tools to assess and distribute risk, improve underwriting, and assist with claims verification. Our experience, technology and data accuracy can make the process of insuring property more transparent and improve your bottom line.

Structural Risk and Valuation for Canada

CoreLogic Structural Risk and Valuation Solutions help you value the reconstruction costs of residential and commercial properties more accurately. We aggregate massive amounts of risk and construction cost data - all in a way that's optimized for your workflow.

Learn more about our Canadian Solutions.

Click here for the French translation.

International Catastrophe Modeling

We help you evaluate the probability of risk and financial loss from natural hazards across the globe. Built on industry leading data and technology, and backed by our team of engineers and Ph.D.-level scientists, our International Catastrophe Models give you a unique view of global catastrophe risk with more than 180 natural hazard models spanning six continents. By pinpointing your international catastrophe risk, you'll know when to recommend additional coverage for a variety of perils.

Learn more about our Natural Hazard and Catastrophe Modeling Solutions.

Consumer Services

Whether you're buying a home or looking to invest, you know the more informed you are, the better decisions you'll make. That’s why it's crucial to have the most accurate and independent property insights. With CoreLogic, you have one of the largest, most experienced and trusted property data providers on your side.

Investor Research Site for Australian Property

The Property Value Investor Research Site provides comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date electronic valuations for 98 percent of residential properties across Australia. You can access the same insights as real estate agents and the big four Australian banks. View data at the property, street, suburb and state level, see transaction histories, comparative property lists, value, yield and cash flow estimates and more.

Whether you're buying, selling or investing, we'll arm you with the right information.

  • Property transaction histories over the past 30 years
  • Comparable properties currently on the market, for rent and recently sold
  • Estimated property sale and rental values
  • >Handy property pros and cons for “at a glance” insight
  • Investor Scores for each property and suburb