Solutions for Residential Property Managers

Our property management software addresses the unique requirements of multifamily operations to make administrative tasks, management, and operations faster, easier, and more productive. We protect your data with the most advanced, high-level security protocols available. Data is readily available in real-time to authorized users for optimum productivity. Our Multifamily Management module is seamlessly integrated with our accounting software and other leading vendors who provide complimentary applications to improve your ability to update and track financial data.

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Multifamily Management

  • Resident rolls
  • Monthly charges
  • Payment processing - lockbox, ACH and check scanning
  • Deposit tracking
  • Late fee processing
  • Resident letters
  • Real-time web portal integration

Resident Relations

  • Guest cards
  • Application processing
  • Vacant unit turnover tracking
  • Integration with screening services
  • Transfers
  • Move-ins/move-outs
  • Security depositions

Residential Work Orders

  • Routine and emergency maintenance requests
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Vacant unit turnover tracking
  • Reporting by property or unit

Residential Collections

  • Tracking for resident collection efforts
  • Letters
  • Reports

Integration to Multifamily Management

  • Utility submetering
  • Meter usage computations based on readings
  • Billing to individual residents

Resident Services

  • Comprehensive work site for all aspects of resident information to manage customer service work flow