Products and Solutions

Accelerated Tax Set-Up offers an accelerated search for required agencies, tax IDs and last available installment amounts with customized output you can upload to your front-end or servicing system. The product automates real estate tax data retrieval and provides a quick, guaranteed turnaround.

Reduce your tax penalty liability by placing the tax payment burden on CoreLogic.

We customize our basic tax amount reporting and tax payment status services to support the unique requirements of your servicing environment. This allows you to design the tax service solution that fits your business needs precisely.

Our flood compliance servicing professionals have an in-depth understanding of loan servicing processes and platforms. We oversee the automated loading of flood information to a customer's system and ensure the ongoing integrity of the loan data.

Assists in determining the status of real estate tax payments on properties, as well as the payment information required to resolve a delinquency and/or tax sale.

Our comprehensive Tax Outsourcing Services help improve efficiency while reducing internal operating costs. We can handle virtually every residential tax payment function so your team focus on critical business task.