Loan Center

Developed by CoreLogic®, Loan Center offers retail, wholesale and correspondent lenders the simplicity, scalability, and security to speed loans through the system –  without sacrificing control. 

What Is Loan Center?

It’s an LOS engineered for efficiency. With its color-coded interface and patented dynamic workflow, Loan Center delivers the benefits of automation with the advantages of a secure cloud platform.

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Tel: (866) 336-7236

Choose the Loan Center System That Fits Your Needs

Loan Center for Retail Lending

Designed to meet the needs of frontline, back-office, and executive staff, Loan Center integrates practical tools that improve efficiency at every level. Smart simplicity users appreciate Top-down transparency managers require

Loan Center for Third Party Lending

Third-party lenders can enjoy greater productivity with full pipeline visibility in an LOS designed for their specific needs. Helps attract and retain correspondent lenders/ wholesale brokers Eliminates manual processes