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Identify Undisclosed Debt and Mitigate Repurchase Risk

In support of the Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative (LQI), CoreLogic Credco offers a powerful suite of LQI solutions designed to help you satisfy requirements to determine and disclose all borrower debt on the final loan application, as well as verify the identity of the consumer. Our LQI solutions help you maintain compliance and avoid loan buybacks – quickly and reliably.

Identify New Inquiries and Potential Liabilities

  • Get credit data from 1, 2 or all 3 national credit bureaus
  • Verify borrower SSNs directly through the Social Security Administration
  • Access information from MERS and our proprietary lender application databases
  • Monitor applicant credit profiles for potential undisclosed debt obligations
  • Streamlined reporting format for fast and efficient underwriter review
  • Products available in batch format for convenient processing of multiple reports

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Monitor your customers' behavior patterns to protect your interests.

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LQ Debt Monitoring

Alert-based monitoring of your applicant's credit profile.

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