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Identify the Best Mortgage Insurance Option in Any Scenario

The CoreLogic® Mortgage Insurance (MI) Hub leverages real-time risk-based pricing quotes gathered from all insurers combined with configurable business rules tuned to your organization, so you get the best insurance policy based on the unique needs of your client.

Choose the Solution that Works Best for Your Lending Scenario:

A single product per MI company or multiple available products such as lender-paid mortgage insurance (LPMI), borrower-paid mortgage insurance (BPMI), Single Premium and more

Eligibility rationale can be included for ineligible products, along with detailed explanations when insufficient information is provided to quote a price.

Additional calculations, including five-year housing expense costs and mortgage insurance premiums blended with taxes

PDF of the selected rate quote available with every order

Configurable Rules Engine Handles Multiple Selection Criteria

In some scenarios, choosing the lowest priced insurance option isn’t always the best solution. Powered by an intelligent decision engine, MI Hub rules can be configured to employ a multitude of selection criteria.

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Get the Optimal Solution for Any Borrower Scenario

MI Hub can provide you with a variety of options to streamline your mortgage insurance selection process, without incurring significant training costs.