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Whether you’re identifying customers shopping for a better rate on their mortgage or determining the risk-based value of your entire portfolio, CoreLogic Credco’s portfolio management solutions offer the fastest, most reliable consumer information tools in the industry. Now you can gain unique insights into your loan portfolios, helping you identify critical opportunities to mitigate risk, retain business and proactively manage your accounts. And because we scrutinize data from all three national credit bureaus, we’re able to select the most complete and current information for your specific business needs.

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Identifying Critical Opportunities

  • Acquire unique insights into your customer portfolio
  • Mitigate risk, retain business and proactively manage your accounts
  • Data collected and evaluated from all three national credit bureaus
  • Research specific data elements to better understand credit-specific trends
  • Reduce cost and complexity of data analysis demands on in-house resources
  • FCRA-certified consultants available to help you understand and evaluate credit risk and business opportunities associated with loan portfolios

Our Tools and Services

Batch & Append

Batch data processing of key information about your customers

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Account Monitoring

Monitor your customers' behavior patterns to protect your interests

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Portfolio Credit Review

Receive current FICO score updates for your loan portfolio

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Collection Triggers

Monitor critical changes in account information throughout all stages of the collection and recovery process

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PreScreen Marketing Solutions

Track and monitor actual credit behavior and extend a firm, timely off or credit

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Fast, Reliable Consumer Activity Notifications

Account Monitoring works like an early warning system by putting an electronic tag on your customers at the bureau level. This tag lets you know when the customer's credit file is updated with a "trigger" event, such as a new credit inquiry or bankruptcy filing.

  • Acquire critical insights into your customer portfolio
  • Mitigate risk, retain business, and proactively manage your accounts
  • Data collected and evaluated from all three national credit bureaus

Take Proactive Measures

When triggers are detected, such as mortgage credit inquiries, you’ll be immediately notified so you can take proactive measures to mitigate losses or market your own products to retain business. Trigger events also include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Late Payments
  • New Inquiries
  • More!*

* CoreLogic Credco will work with you to determine the best suite of trigger options for your business needs.

Proactive Risk Management

CoreLogic Credco’s Batch & Append Database Services can help you evaluate and update any number of loans for financial profiles, identity information, Patriot Act screening and more. Batch & Append Database Services fill in missing or out-of-date information that is critical to assessing risk.

Manage Risk. Identify Opportunities.

  • Pro-active Due Diligence: Fill in mission-critical missing or out-of-date information.
  • Reduce Risk Exposure: Know true current credit profile information versus the profile at the time of origination.
  • Optimize Loan Acquisition: Qualify level of borrowers and potential fraud before purchase.
  • Improved Marketing: Identify fact-based cross-selling opportunities.

Customized Solutions

Batch & Append Database Services is completely flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs for data content, format and delivery. You can securely upload data 24/7, and retrieve results quickly and easily.

Monitor and locate unpaid accounts

CoreLogic Credco’s Collection Triggers solution is a dynamic, fully customizable account monitoring tool that quickly and effectively tracks identifying information on individual accounts. Part of our complete Portfolio Management suite, Collection Triggers lets you choose the information you want to track – such as changes in address, credit status and other transactional data – and be immediately notified as updates become available.

Product Highlights

  • Automatic daily monitoring and delivery of trigger results
  • Customize trigger options & rules around monitoring frequency
  • 15 score models available with trigger notices
  • Track account and portfolio level results
  • High-quality address and telephone information
  • No up-front costs

Improve your collection rates

Key financial event triggers include making accounts current, paying off debts and having funds available on an open bankcard, which can help you focus your collection efforts on the customers most likely to pay.

Portfolio Valuation Solutions

Used for portfolio valuations, Portfolio Credit Review (PCR) provides a complete overview of your portfolio data and analysis results. This includes summarized score ranges, average scores, and percentages of consumers within your portfolio that fall into certain score ranges.

Portfolio Valuations

  • Acquire critical insights into your customer portfolio
  • Data collected and evaluated from all three national credit bureaus
  • Customer data conveniently accepted in any delimited batch format
  • Reduce cost and complexity of data analysis demands on in-house resources

Real-Time Data & Analysis

CoreLogic Credco’s PCR report showcases the essential data you need, so it’s fast and easy to make a value determination for portfolio acquisition, sale or investment. Plus, the portfolio credit review process is based on real-time data and analysis, which means your portfolio is evaluated using only the most current information available.

Leverage credit data to get the best leads for your business

CoreLogic Credco offers precision targeted, PreScreen Marketing Solutions that allow you to extend a Firm Offer of Credit to your consumers that meet your unique lending criteria. By focusing your campaign on this group of highly qualified consumers, our PreScreen Marketing Solutions help maximize your response rates and your profitability and can be custom designed to fit the unique criteria of your business.

Product Highlights

  • Focus on targeted leads
  • Customizable to your company’s unique criteria
  • Boost response rates and maximize ROI

Multiple options to target your most valuable prospects

Currently, we offer three different options that can be customized to meet your individual business needs:

  • PreScreen Marketing Lists – Based on the credit behavior, public record information and demographic information relevant to your business, we can provide you with a list of prospects that meet your unique lending criteria.
  • PreScreen Marketing Triggers – This time period specific set up allows you to target consumers currently in the market for a new loan. Results are provided in a batch format either weekly or monthly.
  • Prospect Monitoring – We will actively monitor your prospect lists and notify you daily of any key credit events, such as new loan applications, within your predetermined credit criteria, allowing you to extend Firm Offers of Credit immediately.

Leverage property data to take advantage of refinance opportunities

In addition to credit data, CoreLogic Credco offers you the ability to leverage the vast property data resources of CoreLogic to spot potential refinance opportunities. We can provide you with detailed information on types of properties and loans (including loan-to-value ratio, loan type, lien position, etc), allowing you to target consumers most qualified for a refinance under your lending criteria.