Products and Services

Better manage your ARM resets, mitigate your compliance risk and reduce future financial exposure.

Get standardized and consistent data, cross-validated and collected from thousands of diverse sources across the property ecosystem.

Our flood compliance servicing professionals have an in-depth understanding of loan servicing processes and platforms. We oversee the automated loading of flood information to a customer's system and ensure the ongoing integrity of the loan data.

The GeoAVM Suite delivers property valuation convenience and accuracy through industry-leading methodology. Model selection and customization provides the flexibility to tailor an ideal solution that accelerates portfolio analysis and reduces loan-processing decision lag with comparable or better accuracy than BPOs and appraisals.

GeoAVM Distressed™ represents the next generation of AVMs for REO properties and homes in delinquency and default. GeoAVM Distressed fine tunes results for distressed properties to deliver conservative, realistic, and reliable valuations.

The Loan Portfolio Review Solution is a scalable loan data audit and remediation solution that allows lenders to better manage a portfolio that may include loans with revolving interest rates such as ARM or HELOC loans. Our loan review solution helps ensure a portfolio’s loan data quality via customizable data scrubbing and validation. Additionally, CoreLogic has the people, processes, and tools in place for fast and easy deployment with most projects completed in under a month.

MapTrak was created to help servicers maintain ongoing compliance on acquired or seasoned loans, even when flood information is missing or not readily accessible.

Paired with the largest online property and ownership database in the nation, PASS uses a hedonic-based model to calculate property values. PASS incorporates property characteristics and comparables with appraisal logic, price-time indexing and various statistical methods to arrive at an accurate and reliable property valuation. This neural scoring system enables the technology to sense and immediately adapt to changing market conditions. A dedicated team of AVM experts continuously tunes and maintains the model for maximum performance.

Instantly checks an entire pool of loans for the presence of risk factors, indicating early payment default and collateral over-valuation.

When a client's borrowers request a piggyback loan, simultaneous second mortgage or refinancing, our low-cost refinance/related loan determination is a quick, cost-effective solution for the client. Simply provide us the original or related loan number and we'll produce a determination.

TaxWatch is a database solution that lets lenders understand the tax status of loans via automated access to delinquent property tax and real estate tax sales information. This powerful solution draws from a routinely updated database of more than 141 million parcels with more than 25 million delinquent tax and tax sale records.

ValuePoint®4 now includes the new "dual core technology" to generate an increased level of valuation accuracy. Dual core technology combines two independent valuation systems coupled with a continuous blind testing process to deliver greater accuracy and hit rate. The result is a next generation AVM that outperforms traditional, single system models. In most markets, ValuePoint4 is the CoreLogic flagship brand for valuation accuracy.