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Most Comprehensive Early View of Current Home Price Trends

Built on industry-leading public record, servicing, and securities real-estate databases, CoreLogic HPI™ incorporates more than 40 years of repeat sales transactions for analyzing historic, current, and future home price trends and producing multi-tier, multi-level market evaluations. CoreLogic HPI is the most current, comprehensive set of home price indexes available on the market.

Market Condition Indicators

Market Condition Indicators augment CoreLogic HPI and CoreLogic HPI Forecasts indexes, identifying individual geographic markets as “overvalued,” “at value,” or “undervalued.” These values are derived from the long-term fundamental values of 350+ CBSAs—as determined by the correlation of their housing prices to real disposable income per capita. Overvalued and undervalued markets have current home price indexes 10% (or more) above or below their long-term values. Determining the relationship between a CBSA’s long-term value and its current pricing is critical to understanding housing risk—successful buy/hold and other decisions depend on the sort of verifiable accuracy that Market Condition Indicatorscan supply.

Market Condition Indicators are available with base subscriptions to CoreLogic HPI and CoreLogic HPI Forecasts at no additional cost.

CoreLogic HPI features:

  • Deep, broad coverage—including non-disclosure states
  • Market Condition Indicators and long-term fundamental values
  • Twelve tiers, including a non-distressed transactions tier
  • Monthly updates, with brief five-week lag time
  • Entire history refreshed each month
  • Available via web tool and FTP 

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Authoritative Housing Price Information and Analytics

A recent addition to our property valuation and trends suite of solutions, CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indexesstrengthen our industry-leading home price index data, analytics, and services.

CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indexes offer:

  • A widely respected, industry proven measurement of home-price change—the basis of the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices
  • A comprehensive series of indexes spanning 30 years of history at the state, county, metro, and ZIP code levels
  • Available Default Correction Factors and seasonally adjusted Indexes
  • Baseline 30-year home-price forecasts for all indexes by Moody’s Analytics

CoreLogic CSI helps securities investors, mortgage banks, servicing operations, and government agencies:

  • Track residential real estate trends
  • Manage home price risk within specific U.S. markets
  • Value loan portfolio collateral
  • Estimate default probabilities and loss severities
  • Determine a firm’s capital sufficiency

Complementing CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indexes, we also offer a number of ancillary advisory services, market research information, and delivery options.

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Unprecedented Predictive Accuracy

CoreLogic HPI Forecasts is built on the concept that home price index modeling is an integrated discipline that must incorporate four key capabilities to achieve its full risk-reduction potential—our approach alone includes all four of these capabilities:

  • Thirty-year forecast horizon 
  • The industry’s deepest and broadest data coverage 
  • The industry’s most current, comprehensive set of home price indexes
  • Multiple forecast tiers

Built on monthly CoreLogic HPI data and based on a time-tested and academically supported two-stage error correction framework, CoreLogic HPI Forecasts is a vital tool for anticipating pricing trends and future volatility in real estate markets. Available at the ZIP code, county, CBSA, state and national levels, its coverage includes:

  • More than 7,400+ ZIP codes
  • 1,300+ counties
  • 930+ CBSAs
  • 50 states and the District of Columbia

CoreLogic HPI Forecasts integrates these data and capabilities into a unified home price modeling solution that can produce unprecedented predictive accuracy.

Market Risk Indicators

Market Risk Indicators are designed to predict the probability of a home price decline over a 12-month period. Every month, clients will receive data based on the latest economic and housing analytics, along with a probability for two price decline severities - a greater than or equal to a 10 percent price decline or a less than 10 percent price decline.

Market Risk Indicators is an analytic product that provides probability scores for home price declines in the Top 392 CBSAs as well as all 50 states and Washington DC, providing a fast, cost-effective method to identify at-risk markets.

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Quick Valuations for Non-Addressed Collateral Properties

An advanced analytics tool, the HPI Valuation Engine facilitates estimating market values for single or multiple properties using data from the CoreLogic Housing Price Index.

The HPI Valuation Engine has a 100% hit rate and requires only three property-level inputs—ZIP code, prior sales date, sales amount—to trigger a proprietary intelligent-cascade mechanism that generates a market value. This cascade selects the property’s ideal tier and geographic combination, maximizing the probability its estimated value will be within 10% of actual value.

HPI Valuation Engine results include a confidence score, an assessment of the accuracy of the estimate that quantifies the level of confidence in it. This allows clients to identify property values rapidly while prioritizing their levels of risk according to market exposure.

Early Insight Into Housing Trends

With deep and broad coverage of U.S. Multiple-Listing Services (MLS) data, CoreLogic ListingTrendsprovides monthly snapshots of time-series housing data—at the ZIP Code-level and above—from 2007 forward. Used either alone or in conjunction with CoreLogic HPI™, CoreLogic HPI Forecasts™, or MarketTrends, CoreLogic ListingTrends provides unique insights for property appraisal, loan underwriting and origination, risk and fraud management, servicing management, government analysis, and real estate market forecasting.

Key CoreLogic ListingTrends metrics include leading indicators of house prices, listing inventories, days on market, and absorption rates by listing type—new, active, pending, closed, and sold.

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Minimize SFR Investment Uncertainty

RentalTrends provides vital time series metrics down to the ZIP code level that help you evaluate the Single Family Residential (SFR) investment and property management process. RentalTrends offers extensive coverage of rent amounts, capitalization rates and vacancy rates derived from industry leading data and modeling, allowing you to reduce time and minimize uncertainty in the rental market. 

RentalTrends is a critical tool for:

  • Rental income estimates
  • Disposition decisions on REO properties
  • Investment decisions on Single Family Residential rental properties
  • Asset allocation decisions about residential rental stocks (REITs) and bonds

Leveraging CoreLogic Partner InfoNet™, public records, the Rent Amount Model and AVMs, RentalTrends provides a realistic look at the current single family residential rental market for a broad and comprehensive set of markets.

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