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Residential Rental Portfolio Management

The CoreLogic® Residential Rental Portfolio Management program is designed to give investors an efficient and cost-effective set of solutions to analyze and understand the value of bulk REO-to-rental investments.

Enable us to inform your investment decision with our multi-faceted approach providing:

  • An estimate of each property’s potential rent, based on comparable listings data –including closed leases for single-family residences compiled from multiple-listing services (MLS)
  • The subject property’s current value, estimated by an AVM calibrated for distressed properties
  • Vacancy rates and other relevant real estate trends in the market such as number of REO properties
  • Home price projections through 2014 for the local market
  • Assessment of general renter quality through the evaluation of recent tenant screenings in the local market

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Informed by Industry-Leading Data and Analytics

Our Residential Rental Portfolio Management program is supported by our industry-leading property listings, public record and tenant screening databases and analytics, including:

Market Trends

Reports general market health as shown by delinquencies, foreclosures and sales counts by housing type, median and negative equity share metrics

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Home Price Index

the industry’s most current and comprehensive housing market price index provides coverage of more than 6,700 zip codes

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Rent Amount Model

provides the estimated rent and capitalization rate information needed by individual investors, mortgage-backed security investors and lenders to make more informed investment decisions

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Proprietary Rental Data from MLS Listings

Through our Partner InfoNet® Program, CoreLogic has entered into listing-sharing agreements with more than 83 major MLS and the program is aggressively being grown. Many of the MLS already contributing represent areas with the greatest concentrations of REO properties and the highest cap rates

Automated Valuation Models (AVMS)

Calibrated for distressed properties

HPI Forecasts®

Models HPI data to predict price movements for geographic markets at monthly intervals up to 24 months in the future


offers industry leading tenant screening capabilities which transcend the multi-family space, providing an unparalleled assessment of renter quality for your single-family investment

At CoreLogic, we don’t believe in a “one-size fits all solution,” which is why our Advisory team works with you individually to understand your needs to further customize our solution to help realize your goals.