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Retailers and franchises face complex challenges in today’s marketplace. CoreLogic® Retail and Franchise Solutions are uniquely qualified to help unpack property-based challenges by providing data intelligence and analytics that are crucial to problem-solving.

As one of the nation’s leading providers of mortgage, real estate and consumer data, CoreLogic helps businesses understand the macro economy and how all parts intersect through systemic institutions and real estate markets. Our comprehensive data, sophisticated analytical tools, modeling capabilities and advisory expertise propel business decisions. And, our full suite of Tax Management solutions helps optimize productivity and risk avoidance.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

The most essential data, regulatory information, and business logic seamlessly integrated with your systems and workflows to process tax transactions at scale

Gain efficiency

Gain efficiency

Transparent, real-time access to your data 24/7 with flexible scorecards and reporting of payments and verifications

Connected technology

Connected technology

Our technology is accessible through API’s to your current infrastructure and solutions

Our Capabilities & Services

Our offerings allow retailers and franchises to assess commercial property health and risk using quality data and analytics. Businesses can also leverage our industry-leading property and consumer data to deliver custom digital audiences.

Our database contains over 150 million parcel records that include spatial and flood data, real estate transactions, licensing, and tax information. With our leading technology and process tools, data types are cross-referenced to facilitate critical review and assessment, resulting in deeper insights and understanding.

with extracts customized by geography to show property data and characteristics, building permits, and transactional data about a property

including flood zone determinations, property inspections and preservation services

that can include design and management of analytics programs, highly customized reporting, staff augmentation, and project-level support

to monitor a state’s commercial property health, including prices and 5-year price forecasts, sales, listings, delinquencies, notices of default, and negative equity foreclosures

including portfolio monitoring, payment processing, payment projections and validations.

including CoreLogic Automated Valuation Model (AVM) cascades, appraisals, and appraisal reviews

CoreLogic is your premier full-service provider of property data intelligence, customizable connected processes for marketing, analysis, risk assessment and tax payments, valuation and appeals.

See your business in a whole new light. Plug into our industry-leading property and consumer database today to start problem-solving more efficiently and running your business more effectively.

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