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No two properties or risks are the same. This is why we have taken an innovative approach in providing our clients with the complete picture. To Get the Whole Story® on roof intelligence, you need information that you can believe in, and content like that can only come from data that is Complete. Current. Connected. ®

CoreLogic® Roof Intelligence Solutions deliver a suite of aerial measurement reports, services and innovative solutions to the roofing and contractor industries including roofing consultants, engineers, independent adjusters, insurance companies, material manufacturers, distributors and solar markets.

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Know all there is to know about a property’s roof with our SkyMeasure™ aerial measurement reports and Roof IQ™ intelligence platform. We make it easy to determine the probable age, condition and characteristics of a roof so you can accurately price jobs. And our roof measurement reports give you a quick way to estimate the cost of a roof claim.

Roof Condition Products

Aerial Measurement Roof Reports

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Residential Blueprint Reports

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Site Map Service

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Roof Conditions for Insurance

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React Quickly When Mother Nature Strikes

Since 2008, insured losses related to severe convective storms, including tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail storms, and straight-line winds, have exceeded $10 billion every year*. To ensure business and best serve their customers, roofing contractors must be able to react quickly when Mother Nature Strikes.

Our Weather Verification Services help you understand the impact of severe thunderstorms from the property level to the entire footprint of the storm. We put these powerful technologies at your fingertips so you can make critical business decisions after a severe weather event has occurred. You’ll know the precise location and severity of impact, in addition to exactly which properties were affected. This allows you to deploy resources in near real time and improve your overall catastrophe response, ultimately improving the customer experience.

Hail Verification

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Wind Verification

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Lightning Verification

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Weather Verification Services for Insurance

There Is No Reason Why Past Business Shouldn’t Be Future Business

Reconnect with customers, enhance customer relations and improve overall catastrophe response with Weather Impact Monitor from CoreLogic®. Roof damage isn’t something that happens every day, so maintaining client relationships can present a unique challenge - not to mention all of that time spent undertaking lead generation in efforts to grow your customer base. Customized based on your unique book of business, Weather Impact Monitor from CoreLogic will notify you when a severe event has occurred, and accurately and continuously monitor your unique customer base for potential storm damage.

With technology like this, you are able to tailor your response efforts, access qualified leads and increase overall customer retention – increasing revenue. There is no reason why past business shouldn’t be future business.

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