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The key to comprehensive evaluation of risk is thorough evaluation of the resident, property and portfolio. Unlike rules or judgment based tools or methodologies, our scoring and analytics tools give a forward-looking view of many key factors that impact future resident, property and performance. Emphasizing, first and foremost, the likelihood of residents paying on time and honoring their lease obligations, our solution set includes:

  • SafeRent Score™
  • Property Performance Analytics®(PPA)
  • Performance Benchmarking ReportSM

Resident Screening

Our resident scoring products are designed to take the guesswork out of selecting the applicants who are most likely to adhere to the terms of their lease. Rental Property Solutions offers the following products to help minimize risk:

This three-digit predictive score powered by machine learning can enhance bottom-line results and help you manage risk associated with lease defaults. The predictive scoring model delivers a score that ranks leases by the loss they are likely to cause to an apartment community for:

  • Unpaid rent
  • Lease termination
  • Damage to the property

Each application is delivered a unique score. On average, leases with higher scores are less likely to cause a loss than leases with lower scores. Each lease score is a summation of points based on factors from the:

  • Application
  • Credit report
  • Landlord-tenant court records
  • Consumer subprime credit data
  • Other relevant sources of predictive information

saferent scoring scale

Most applicants are deemed average risk based on traditional screening methods such as credit score.  With SafeRent® Score as a strong indicator of lease performance for future residents, one score takes the guesswork out of the decision to lease. Make your leasing decisions easier.

Combining the essential screening services and scoring into one powerful easy-to-use decision tool, Management Reports include:

  • RegistryCHECK®
  • Registry ScorePLUS
  • Credit Report

Rental Property Solutions offers a variety of advanced services that leverage ScorePLUS to deliver superior lease, property and portfolio-level results. This solution includes a recommendation of decision points, which automatically balances property occupancy with changes in the volume and quality of applicants by recommending the optimal decision points as a result of evaluating vacancy and applicant traffic. You also receive enhanced reporting that provides an overview of the score results at the property level.

Property and Portfolio

CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions offers benchmarking tools to help owners or representatives of multifamily properties analyze market position, support the evaluation of property values and determine profit-enhancing opportunities.

This report enables you to compare the resident quality distribution of renters you are attracting against comparable properties stored in our unique transaction database of 39,000 apartment properties.

By drilling down into each property's performance and benchmarking these metrics against local market data, you can easily identify which properties are leading or lagging their peers—even before the full impact shows up in lower rents and occupancy. The Performance Benchmarking Report uses our market-leading resident quality score and transaction database to automatically generate monthly measures at the property, region and portfolio level.

Only CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions can combine consistent, results-based statistical scoring with its unsurpassed market presence to deliver comprehensive, benchmarked property risk assessment data. The Performance Benchmarking Report allows you to measure your portfolio's performance against peer properties and to adjust screening criteria, marketing programs and site operating tactics with the insight of comparative resident quality traffic data not available elsewhere. The resident quality traffic distribution available through the Performance Benchmarking Report can help you quickly respond to critical changes within your portfolio traffic and adjust for local market realities.

Property Performance Analytics is the only tool that analyzes lease-level data to provide a forward-looking analysis of overall resident risk, rent and deposit trends, income distribution and lease tenure at the property – all factors that impact financial performance and Net Operating Income. Property Performance Analytics provides property owners, managers, investors, lenders, underwriters and advisors with an unprecedented view of a property's true performance, risk exposure and potential.

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