Build Your Confidence on a Firm Foundation

CoreLogic helps you value residential and commercial properties more accurately. We create confidence scores about property characteristics by cross-validating what we know about the property with a baseline data set that includes large samples of inspection data, geographical evaluations, variability rate distributions and benchmark models.

We also help you assess a structure's condition and property characteristics through interior and exterior property imagery to help you reduce the need for onsite inspections. With permit intelligence, we notify you of remodeling and new additions.

Structural Risk and Valuations Overview (1:03)

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A Nuts-and-Bolts Approach to Construction Estimates

Construction costs are heavily influenced by market conditions and that can lead to significant over or underinsurance – especially if you’re just relying on a standard percentage of the valuation.

We've spend the last eight decades perfecting our total component methodology. This unique estimating methodology researches building costs from the ground up, with unparalleled research into local labor, materials and equipment costs in more than 750 independent regions. We research more than 100,000 construction line items and 90 labor trades as well as construction crew sizes, productivity, soft costs and code variations to give you consistent and current cost information.

We validate our estimates with locational research, home surveys, contractor estimates, construction samples and insurance loss analysis. In addition, we get inputs from design firms, architects, universities and construction organizations.

But our data extends beyond just the building itself. We give you new insights into the value of contents ranging from electronics to furniture. Instead of relying on a standard industry percentage, you’ll ensure your residential and commercial clients are adequately insured for the contents they actually have.

Residential Products

We Build From the Ground Up

We localize costs at the microeconomic level and score property characteristics for reliability based on age, completeness and accuracy with our proprietary algorithms. Then, we use those property characteristics to provide more accurate risk values to give you a deeper understanding of residential structural risk, building condition and contents.

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Property Imagery

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Contents Estimating

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Hail Insight

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CoreLogic Agency Network

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Inspection Optimization Model

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Change Detection and Roof Age

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Commercial Products

Know Your Commercial Risk From Foundation to Financial Health

We give you deep intelligence into a company’s financial condition and compare it with similar companies. We even provide predictive indicators of future performance. In addition, we give you prefill data that improves the efficiency and automation of your underwriting. And, we can help you analyze a company’s exposure to natural hazards.

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Building Insight

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Contents Insight

Contents Insight®

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Natural Hazards

Natural Hazards

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Portfolio Risk Analytics

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Data Delivery Platforms

Property Valuations Delivered Your Way

Choose from RCT Express®, our integrated risk assessment and valuation platform; our Commercial Express® platform for commercial property; and Spatial Web Services, which delivers streaming data straight to your applications.

Solve many of your workflow challenges with RCT Express, our residential risk assessment and valuation platform that defines the value and condition of structural risk via a single-screen user interface.

Get in-depth insights into your company’s commercial property risk including building valuations, contents replacement costs estimates, business financial health and much more,with Commercial Express, our fully integrated commercial platform.

Integrate natural hazard risk, tax jurisdiction, parcel and geocoding data directly into your applications with Spatial Web Services (SWS), which connects data to a variety of platforms and programming languages using a RESTful API.

Insurance Solutions

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Structure Risk and Valuation

Better Residential and Commercial Values and Risk Assessment

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Natural Hazard and Catastrophe

Hazard Risk Management From Point to Portfolio™

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Roof Condition Solutions

Roof Intelligence That Won’t Leave You Guessing

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Weather Verification Solutions

Faster Decisions With Better, More Accurate Weather Data

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