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Trust our Tax Jurisdiction Layers To Deliver Positional and Up-to-Date Accuracy

Because the location intelligence behind our tax jurisdiction layers is parcel-based and diligently maintained, address errors common to solutions that use a ZIP code lookup table may not occur. Zip codes are problematic because:

  • Municipal boundaries constantly change
  • A postal city may not be the same as a taxing city
  • ZIP codes may cross both municipal and county boundaries

Fingertip Access to Reduce Errors and False Positives

With over 8,000 tax jurisdictions collecting multiple taxes, keeping track of each and every taxing authority for every address could be a logistical nightmare.

Quality Control

Every Tax Jurisdiction Layer is diligently maintained by highly trained professionals. Address mistakes are virtually eliminated due to the use of our advanced geocoding technology.

Reliable Data

Our extensive parcel and municipal boundary data determines the correct tax jurisdiction of an address above and beyond the FIPS Place Code. This means you can rest easy knowing the service or delivery address is the right one.

Easy Access

Tax Jurisdiction and boundary information via Xiance® offers easy and affordable access to one or all of our many Tax Jurisdiction Layers.

Available Tax Jurisdiction Layers

Cable Tax: Like many other business sectors, the cable industry must adhere to industry-specific tax data. The Cable Tax Layer delivers comprehensive and current tax information that aids in reducing errors, customer service calls and billing adjustments. Learn more. 

Leasing and Rental Tax: Business property owners are required to pay rental tax, but it’s not always clear which tax jurisdiction their property falls within. Our Rental Tax Layer quickly identifies a business’ tax jurisdiction so that the business can remain in compliance with local and state laws. Learn more. 

Sales and Use Tax: In many industries, sales tax and use tax are collected based on physical service addresses, or in the case of Internet sales, delivery addresses. It goes without saying that if the address is inaccurate, the results are erroneous billing and delayed remittance, resulting in interrupted cash flow that can negatively impact to a business. Our Sales and Use Tax Layer can help eliminate this problem. Learn more.

Telecommunication Tax: In a market defined as “communications”, it is ironic that something as simple as a property address is often relayed incorrectly. A seemingly small error, it adds up to big problems and potentially angry customers when it affects the telecommunications industry. Based on our industry leading location intelligence, the Telecommunication Tax Layer will help eliminate false address positives. Learn more. 

Special Tax Districts: Tax jurisdictions known as Special Tax Districts or “SpTD” are unique because they do not follow municipal boundaries. In addition, they may cover only a portion of a city or county, making it difficult to assess an address’ actual tax jurisdiction footprint. The CoreLogic Tax Jurisdiction Layers cover tax jurisdictions for all 50 states and identifies Special Tax Districts with a high degree of accuracy. Learn more. 

Utility Tax: Utility companies are focused on optimizing efficiencies and productivity at every level inside their organization. They don’t need to expend additional energy grappling with collecting tax information from multiple sources. The Utility Tax Layer delivers the information quickly and efficiently to help Utility companies reduce excessive phone calls, research and costs associated with billing errors. Learn more. 

Property Tax for Regulated Companies: Property tax revenue from regulated utilities plays a vital role in the support of cities and counties by helping to fund government operations, school districts, police and fire departments, community parks, public libraries and much more.  It’s not always clear, however, where to draw the line on a property’s tax jurisdiction. Shedding light on this challenge is the Property Tax for Regulated Companies Layer from CoreLogic. Learn More.

Property Tax for General Companies: Business property tax collected by Washington D.C. and 44 other states supports many city and county services including government administration, public entities like libraries, parks, cultural centers, school districts and more.  In order to keep civic operations running smoothly, it is essential that tax collection be efficient and more importantly, accurate to avoid errors that cause remittance delays. Learn more. 

Using accurate tax information for payroll is essential in order to avoid the potential for costly errors and fines. 

Our Payroll Tax Layer incorporates up-to-date and detailed boundary files for all 50 states, as well as the 16 states that have local income tax withholding requirements. Information for payroll tax is provided for the lowest level at which withholding forms must be prepared based on where employees live and/or work and the remit to name for withholding tax. Learn more. 

Our Premium Tax Layer Helps Insurers Remit the Correct Premium Taxes for all Policies

Accurately identify tax territories and corresponding mandated reporting codes allowing insurers to remit the correct premium taxes for all policies within a book of business quickly and efficiently. Learn more.