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At CoreLogic, we take pride in supporting the needs of higher education by providing access to our vast repository of data. University Data Portal is a secure, easy-to-use website that provides residential and commercial real estate data for qualified academic research, including academic journals, dissertations, grant proposals, research papers and white papers.


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Over Half a Billion Records Delivered

The portal allows university faculty and students to run unique queries, extract data and download reports—all online and with preferred academic rates. To date, over half a billion records have been delivered from the University Data Portal.

Additional Datasets

Two additional datasets were recently added to the more than 500 million property characteristics (tax) and property transaction (deed) records available on University Data Portal. In addition, up to 10 years’ historical tax assessment records – 158 million current year tax records, covering 99.9 percent of U.S property records – are available.

Portal Features

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MarketTrends Data

Containing geographic-level records on outstanding mortgages, including median sales price, median loan-to-value, delinquency, distressed sales, real estate owned, housing stock, number of sales and negative equity.

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Foreclosure Data

Containing historical, property-level pre-foreclosure and foreclosure records from initial notice of default to final disposition; judicial and non-judicial foreclosure and foreclosure sales.

Data Breakdown

Property Characteristics

Number of Records: 148 million

Years of History: Up to 50 years in some counties

Coverage: 99.9 percent of the population and 3,132 counties

Representative Key Data: Value, tax amount, book and page, prior sale date, square footage, bedroom count, bathroom count

Property Transactions

Number of Records: 494 million

Years of History: Up to 50 years in some counties

Coverage: 99.4 percent of the population and 2,990 counties and 97 percent of U.S. property transactions

Representative Key Data: Sale amount, recording data, lender company, second mortgage liens


Number of Records: 46 million

Years of History: From 2000 to present

Coverage: 85 percent coverage of U.S. foreclosure data

Representative Key Data: Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure through court action or judicial and non-judicial foreclosure, foreclosure sales, property addresses and owner names.


Number of Records: 45 million

Years of History: From 2000 to present

Coverage: 85 percent of outstanding mortgages, 3,100+ counties, 900+ CBSAs and 37,000 ZIP codes

Representative Key Data: Median sales price, median LTV, delinquency, foreclosures, REO, housing stock, number of sales and negative equity.

Use Cases

University Data Portal is used by faculty and students at some of the nation’s most prestigious higher learning institutions. Recent examples of subjects covered by academia include:

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